Love,I can’t be with you in your tomorrow

You might fancy me in a white dress,veil and tiara

Walking in a isle,just resembling princesses from fables

You say,my feet look luminous without boots on the roads of the mountain

I make your world perfect

Hundred praises you have thrown to me

Millions to melt and flatter my heart

Still i can’t be with you,love

I am not the girl who will chant’I do’ in a firmament atmosphere

I am the sephulchre,the dangerous,horrifed frantic woman

I will make your heart drown in 400 feet waters and make you fly high above the horizons

I am not the suave,charming women

Just the opposite, a fallen angel

Who carries cavalier spirit in her very soul

You must not keep in a jar,I might not live a happy,fulfilling life

I might be deprived of family,Children and all comforts of life

I would be happy to accept an unexpected ending

A girl who filled the world with the fierceness of her wings

Love,I can’t be with you in your tomorrow

Cause i am not aware if there will be a tomorrow for me,

Adventerous souls live less,

But oh!how they live is worth everything.


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