Hello my passionate readers,This is Sayani Kundu(Neha),currently studying English literature under calcutta university.writing has always been an explicate way for me to let out the little intellect-critic-blabbering master-emotional fool and mainly to express the unexpressive me.Besides writing,all time foodie,music sucker,the master of absolutely ridiculous dance moves,loves to talk only with people who have some soul in their conversation. To know more about me,just go the blog and let me know your thoughts about it.Appreciate every single human being who take time to go through my writings.

Wishing all very beautiful day,and always spread the sunshine wherever you came across.

Always remember La Vie Est Belle…


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  1. ywwp says:

    your about page link is not visible from home page. blog about page is a must. Theme is not good, you can check mine and copy it.

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  2. Hemangini says:

    Love your blog… & I love how you say La Vie Est Belle…. ❤

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    1. neha98blog says:

      Everybody should live by this mantra i belive.

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      1. Hemangini says:

        I think so too

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  3. da-AL says:

    such a lovely site 🙂

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    1. neha98blog says:

      I have always observed the fact that how kind and beautiful human being you are.Always stay that.Sending you lots of love.

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      1. da-AL says:

        you are the best, dear Neha — much love to you & yours too ❤

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      2. neha98blog says:

        Any words or endearments in your praise,is ineffective,cause to describe such a affectionate human being,my words are mere.So,Thank you for giving me so much love,and for standing by my way,always.

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