A postcard to my special readers

Dear my readers,

I often render through my mind that how blessed i am to meet you guys.I am not wonderwoman or idealised replica of beauty,that’s when i first started writing it is always scary and exciting,I recall going to my wordpress every 1 hour to see even 1 people have remarked about my writing, It disappointed my heart every time i saw the notification box without the yellow sign.Then i realized i folded my hands to myself,then i let my hands open and devoted my heart to appreciating other writers,we all are same in this platform,hungry for just a little love & admiration.

At the end of the day i gain maybe many likes,but likes are inferior,when i come across your  comments,there is where i get my inspiration,a little believe & courage that whatever i am doing is making someone smile,someone can releate to me.We let our agony,happiness,fear,hope through our penned memoranda,our hearts go in our every emblamed thoughts and a little appreciation can fed those pages of writing the nourishment it demands.

Not all of you who are following me are actually following,i wonder this is a true blogging platform,not a facebook,snapchat or instagram,we firmly adore your thoughts,even when you criticise us that’s,also provide us numerous strength.

I request you,as a writer,maybe an terrible writer who stumble too much,to look at WordPress as a blogging platform,and appreciate the budding writers.





17 thoughts on “A postcard to my special readers

  1. It feels good when someone likes the work you put out here, doesn’t it?
    I remember my first few weeks too…I think we met (online) soon after I started 🙂
    Anyway, keep on writing girl, you’re so GOOD at it.!!
    Love, Basia. xx

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    1. Yes,I also remember that,i would be thankful to wordpress as i met you here,and you are also so good at fashion and more importantly a good & kind human being.
      Always & Always be that suave,and magnificent persona you are.


  2. Yes Neha, I have gone through all feelings you mentioned.. The happiness comes when someone likes, comments, appreciate our work can’t be expressed. We can only feel that happiness.. It’s unparallel..:)

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