Book Review:Padmavati

My hiatuses are sometimes a bit long,I accept that.But Whenever I am not here,I do feel like some part is missing.So,How are you,my beautiful readers? Today I am going to talk about a very impressive historical fiction that I read a few days ago and share my thoughts with you all. ‘Padmavati’-the title of this novel is quite explanatory in itself.Here,in this book we learn about the story of the great queen of Chittorgarh,who existed in 13thcentury bc,and the princess of Singhaldeep(Singhaldeep-the place probably is referring to the present Srilanka).The book starts with Mrinalini,a witty,smart and intelligent Journalist working for … Continue reading Book Review:Padmavati

Through a mirrored glass.

Photo credit=Me There are two kinds of persons in the world,one is imaginative and other is referred simply as ‘Realist’.But for most of us,this two facades of personality is submerged,in equal measure.So,Here is my tribute to these intricately yet profusely magnificent sides of human nature. Beginning with,I am writing about some thing which I never discussed before.So,My opinions on this subject are not based on a prodigious erudition. I have always been a child,believing in supernatural elements,things devoid of logical interpretation,the things that made us believe even if we are normal human beings,we would live a life of ceaseless opportunities.I … Continue reading Through a mirrored glass.

Excerpt’s from my diary..(28th September,2017)

As I am writing sasthi is passing by and saptami is on the doorstep,one friend of mine’s birthday is on 28th september,today between our conversations,she confessed she is afraid of growing up,she wants to live in this moment where her skin is like morning dew and the sunlight falls right across her glowing hair.Then,i saw something of me in her,I am too scared to leave this college,the group of friends sitting in the canteen talking our hearts out,forgetting all this.There is something about the age that makes us want to stop all the clocks of this world .The harsh reality … Continue reading Excerpt’s from my diary..(28th September,2017)

The unidentified.

When you sip your coffee and that cloud emerges around your lips, I want to become that. When your curly hair slips quickly from your shoulder, I want to be the one to caress it. When you are sitting in the window seat of a bus,on a dull,rhetotic night I want to be the wind that touches your eyelids and waste away. I desire to be every ounce of the water That smoothly runs through your hand At times. I want to be unknown and isolated Whole loving you. For,with open eyes I gaze at you from distance Your eyes … Continue reading The unidentified.

A dip into the familiar.

The cotton candy,And merry- go- round with bubbles of laughter beaming Like sunrays peeped through the clouds. Pickle jar stacked in the cupboards and the fingers twirling there in delight. The sunshine of the poppy fields and arms devoid of morbid taint. You could gain all the riches But that touch of childhood Where your soul reflects the sky And god is none but your incarnation. I intensely crave for this nostalgia. For the the thing we love Is the thing that fades away too fast Into the unknown. Continue reading A dip into the familiar.

Upon the shores of time

Once upon a time, There was a picture which told our story For miles we have walked together To find the brink of this earth To be convulsed in the warmest sun over the valley that softly caress the azure skyline. Hands in hands eyes screamed of ethereal love For love,my dear,is yet a juxtaposition of longing and salty waves. I have not realised that I have come so far from you That it seems that that universe has become my niche. ‘Picture’ are only harbinger of that path lost long ago, That eyes which are the manifestion of lies, … Continue reading Upon the shores of time