“That was a gloomy day,She walked through the mud-cluttered roads,with a book in her hand,she brushed her fingertips through the ancient tales,the kings & kingdoms,their chivalry,virtue,moral courage.Her feets were dirty, her nails were digged in dirty waters as she examined each book with consummate curiosity,like a wizard,the books were the wands to her,opening a new world.

As she reached home,there was an angry glaze starring at her,she clutched the book tightly,as the voice inquired her about where she was.She cannot utter the word that she was reading,her father doesn’t think there is any need of studying for a girl child.She lied to him,that it was her friend’s book which she forgot in their house.

She wanted to enlighten herself with education,so whenever everyone in the house slept,she awaked,in the dim light of the candle,she read.On saying she is going for to play with her friends,she went to school.Though her life was not a bed of roses,but she always adored  damask’d roses,she wanted to bloom gracefully and to linger the sweet scent of her goodness in the upper regions of the air.One day,her father caught her,he beated her,her mother snatched her from her father,With wet eyes she begged to him to give the allowance for her daughter to read.One slap,was the answer and when he proceed to beat her once again,she gripped his hand.Thus,she left the house with her daughter,left her husband.She had nothing,still she never show that to het daughter,worked tirelessly,lived in a small congusted house,despite of all these sufferings,she knew she had a vision to educate her daughter,and not to make her a dash in the word,but to be a worthy women.

Ladies and Gentleman,May i introduce solemnly to my Mother,she shed numerous tears and her each thought is the brick of my foundation.More than me,this award dedicated to you Maa”

The world saw a renowed scientist,handing the award to a simple dressed lady,today no body questioned her about her surname,or why she always bring Dry Rotis to her tiffin,or why she spent her birthday not in a fancy resturant,but eating the payes het mom made for her,or where her father has gone.when the whole auditorium clapped for her,the mother-daughter is looking to each othr with unspokable emotions floating in their eyes.

And the daughter hugged her Maa and said,

“Thank you maa,If any god or angels did exist in this world,all are but an incarnation of your mortal being”

Many people assume that supporting female equality is to hold a banner against the othet sex,there are mens who support us as well as there are womens who also opposes us.Not all mens are well as for all women’s are same.It may be a hard question,that to whom to trust,only trust and have faith in that little voice inside you,that know your worth than any mouth or eyes that only know thousand words to speak but nothing to say.


Crashing of the souls: part 6

Charlotte Austen,Paris


There is a very strange sound blasting my ears,and I am shook by that.My hands roam through the blanket,and anon i opened my eyes,I looked over my surroundings,the room is much small,very congusted i may say but there is a big white window at the north corner of it,I became aware of the fact that i am not wearing my dress,what i am wearing is much shorter pants,my whole appreance is so vulgar.Taking refined steps to the mirror,I cried with astonishment,

Who am i?This is not me,Julia…Julia..i gathered every strenght in my voice and called julia,Mamma,and papa,but what i next saw was enough to faint me,This room is so small to live,and i,rushed out of the room and there are plenty rooms in this buliding,I used the stairs and reached the street,this must be a city.Something is bothering me,This is another world,and people here is so strange,In their apperance and conversations. I asked a stranger on where was i?,he seem to stare at my face for some quite a long time,

“Paris”He stated simply.

“You are lying.How can i be in France,while i am in Herdfordshire with my family.”I ran my hands through the tangles of my hair, or should i say someone else’s hair.

“I guess Ma’Am you are still in hangover,Anyway,Sil vous plait”replied the stranger and soon was out of my sight.

“Aaratika,Aaratika” and i heard a women calling me but by a very weird name i never heard.

The women wearing a red trench coat and a pastle coloured hat,crossed the street and came closer to me.

“I have been calling you from last night you jerk!where were you?Aren’t you supposed be in Rohania cafe and don’ t tell me you threw your phone after your nasty breakup?”The lady shoot unnumbered questions to me.

“calling,how i am supposed to heard you when you are in your home?and most importantly what respect i am inclined to you,My dear”I shudder vibrantly as I said.

“My dear,My dear..you should consult a Therapist,honey, You are in the verge of going mad out of breakup,people go through breakup every single day,but they survive”she hold my shoulders and riot a comfoting glance towards me,”Aaratika,Forgot him,who in the world hates pizza,and kfc chicken?you aren’t in a need of a man who make thousand excuses even going out for one date,you need someone who you don’t have to beg to?

“You are a respectable lady,please help me,I am not the women who are you speaking of?This is like a Erebus,this place, like my conscious had been playing simpleton games to me,I am Charlotte Austen,I am from the landed gentry of Herdfordshire “It made me pant with tears while i was confessing my slipshod situations to this fine but very weird gentlewoman.

She stared at me with astonishing eyes,her ocular globe seems to be eager to detach from her face.she gulped and said,”You are not a person who is very fond of mockery?

I came close anon to the lady and firmly gripped her hand and said “you are my last hope,and for one moment listen to me”

“Hmm…Let’s go upstairs”,she held my hand and took me the apartment.

We sat on the comfortable furnishings, the room is inferior to my home,but still it gives an air of  familiar atmosphere .

“It all began when i awoke from my bed,I was in some kind of unknown territory, I was lying in a glass shed surrounded by glass walls,I felt numb,devoid of any emotion,then i saw a man approaching in my direction,he was a man in his early 30’s,he wore a white coat,and there were some followers of him,circulating around him.

He said “Charlotte Austen!I ardently wish that you had a good nap,You have woken into a new era of technology and science,far from the mundane and slow country life of Herdfordshire,Everyone  know about your past,present and future,for people you have been dead for centuries,but me,Dr.willam,will prove to the world what can i do and the whole universe will kneel down on my very feet”,there was a vanity and irrevocable pride is all i can see instead of a human being with flesh and blood,an unnoticable smile riots through his face, he switched some rounded thing and the whole glass surface began to vanish and meanwhile i was standing infront of Dr.william.

“I can’t reckon your if i have come across you?”,His brows twinched and he took forward step towards me,his hand gently rubbing his cheek,and he answered,”Honey,because i am born in 1980’s not 1798,and my sole mission to brought here is to to write in praise of my victory and i want to get inside of that mind which created histories and made people fell in love with you,though you were my obsession on my teen,and then i got over of your shit stories very quickly but even i can’t deny you are the women novelist,who is capable of writing great epics dedicated to me”

“These things are so confusing to me,and what the year you mentioned,1980,It is impenetrable, you must in be a frenzied state of mind to talk about such unnecessary things.I wish to go to my home.Gentleman,I am going to shout very fiercly if you do not take me to my home.”I pant in anguish that made my voice deeper than it ought to be.

I heard a very unsatisfactory sound of laugh,he clapped his hand and said “Do i like a fotune teller or jesus to fulfill every goddamm wishes you imply to me.you are in place of Aaratika Roy,in the year 2017,in paris,bear it,gulp it,it is your reality except it or it will barely take one second to kill you with the poison i have invented last year,the elements i have used though are illegal but when things are made to bulid for human to reach higher level,it is worth everything”

There is no fear,no kindness,no vice,no goodness in his eyes,only the pride and intrigue is all i can see.

He started at my eyes,His lips are still but his eyes burning with fury.He touched one curls of my lock of hair and said.

“You are beautiful but too sentimental,too emotional,no mortal mens could persuade to your virtue,”He continued to speak”Rather than me”and he turned his head slowly and his boots making rarely any sounds,were soon his presence was out of sight.

And then i am here.

While i was confessing my situation,the lady reflected the image of a rock,not even one time her eyes were in looking to another object.Her hands twisting the end knot of her hair.when i finished,i saw her lips to part as if to inhale some regions of air,then her ocular globes began to vibrate with fresh tears,and it occur to me like she is gathering power to speak one syallable.

Then she spoke,her hands still wet from the effort of not showing her pain,”where is Aaratika?, and then despite of all brevity, her tears is visible to me.

“I think she is in Herdfordshire, England in the year 1798″As i said that,suddenly i began to feel frozen,my heart and my senses has gone to a land i don’t have any idea of.In this unknown territory,i suudenly statred to miss papa,mama,my sister, those sunlit Herdfordshire summers,and the crystalline snows on the christmas eve,sunlit echoing green fields,My compainions,The swing on the back of my house,Mr…..

Why do we miss things when we have no grip upon them?.My all eatrhly relationships seemed like sand in my hand,it fell too fast from my possesions.

The faults in us..

I know when i am writing , numerous articles are already written on this and inexplicable tears fell silently on the golden pages of the book “The fault in our stars” by john Green.From my point of view,that one book can give diffirent lights to various readers,as whatever we read and when we read we attach our heart and our own stars to it,then it became without our control,a story of our own.

 Like Augustus waters and Hazel Grace there are so many others,some love stories we may never know,how unfair sometimes almighty seems,but how greatful he is to give us a life,sooner or later we all would turn into ashes,with this ashes in the sephulchre who would care about our love,happiness,grief,dream,our small pleasures,will also die with us.I am not gonna shout the “Carpe Diem” theme in this or seize the moment.I guess for me it is the the other way round.Once in a lifetime,there are some moments which seizes us,like when the first time Augustus confessed his feeling to Hazel,even the moment when in an empty church Hazel let her funeral speech gave infront of her only infinite,Augustus. We can’t stop our loved ones from dying,or to be aware of our death date.Even on the last day when we are dying,we may be completely unaware that our breaths are going to stop. I am not going to advise you on ‘How to live withour regrets or without being hurt’,cause it is impossible to live without this,if we have a life,there will be a diffirent colours of rainbow attached to our wings,some may shine the brightest and some part may be dull,but after all every feathers shape us,akin to every cell structure our body,just like that.As the author implied that there might be not so many people who will know us,but it is such a previllage to love,and to madly,crazily,and unforgettably loved by someone.We all want to be remembered, to the ‘greatest’ world to inclined ere our name,have you ever thought that even the greatest persons that lived down in History,however people did numerous research on how their behaviours was,but no body could take a dip in their hearts,they may have been admired by lots of persons but loved by only few and loved deeply only few.we are so busy,so depressed,so lonely,often hate life.But what about those who counts every breath as the another moment to breath this air,touch the sky,and roamed their feet through grass of our world.we blame the whole world for our unhappiness,we let every problem irritate us,we let every grude hold tightly to us,we let our love silently burn in us, we let so many things to us.

Can we not let go,whatever we convince ourself, There is always and always fault is in us.

Crashing of the souls:part 5

Have i been too sleepy?Bright light flashing from the windowpane dazzeled me eyes for an mintue.I can’t reconstruct in my mind that renting a hotel room,and what the hell i am wearing,the dress is long flowy sky coloured gown,and then i scrutinised the whole room very distinctly,it is an ancient architecture,like those in the early 18th century homes.Am i drunk?I shaked my head with full consummate energy

What is happening to me?

Still recovering from this mixed feelings about my very exsistence,i heard a soft knock on the door,which is huge in bulk i must say.A aristocratic lady appeared before me,She gazed me as if she knew me,she is wearing a strange hat

“I have been calling you for such a long time,dear charlotte,Is something strange occured in your vision,you seem vaugely lost?The lady without even one pause said to me.

“Where am i?Where is this place?Oh shit!I am supposed be in the Rohainia cafe, I have a meeting with shu(My best friend),Have i been kidnapped?I should have watch those bear grills survival show instead of watching Rom coms,listen i don’t have any money and oh my god!where is my mobile?she almost put an end to my blabbering.

She said, “You are in an emergency need of a fine cup of tea,”She talked to me like she knew me (almost).

“Charlotte,it resembles a royal name,not a person like me,you have not even researched about me before kidnapping,you don’t have any knowledge about this nasty work you are doing,such a shame!,can i please change this dress,it is so suffocating to breath in this gown,I need my pajamas,I hope you take good care of your customer”

With quite astonishing expression,she stared at me with her green yet curious eyes,she proceed herself to my direction,she sat on the bed,and holding my hand tightly but still with a humane touch,

“you are behaving like an frenzied woman,charlotte,why can’t you let him go?,Don’t go to the ball tonight,you would be more frantic, I heard from Miss Mozley of our neighbourhood that he is bringing his sister to the ball and his would be wife,”Her face reflects the sad moorish feeling, and her eyes full of sympathy for me.

“I am not charlotte,I am Aaratika Roy,can you please tell me what is the date?

“25th december,Merry Christmas sister,wish you a preposterous new year with full of hope and love”

“Merry christmas,”It is more of a formality to me,cause i am eager to solve this riddle “year,place?Tell me everything?”


“Are you mocking me?It must be a prank,Shu,this is a very ridiculous idea,i know you are here,so you fine lady,I am in England while I am in Paris?Ha,what a joke!”I cried in disbelief.

“you are causing an unrecoverable headache to my mind,and What would i recieve to speak assumed things to you,I better send Mama to you,she would talk to you”and she stormed like a tornado and quickly vanished in the vast victorian era castle.

“What an unladylike behaviour you have indulging deeply into your self Charlotte?Lord almighty,what would i do with this maiden?”She exhale frustation from her facial and theoretical conversations,”Instead of preparing for tonight’s ball,you are wasting time here sleeping all day,Get up and dress yourself like an articulate English women with grace and virtue”she is an older lady,but hair tied in a weird bun,like you in those paintings of Ruskin.

“First of all I am not an English woman nor even parsian,I am an Indian women from India and what the hell is a ball?”

“charlotte, Don’t even dare to test my paitence,and what Indian women?,They are black,dirty and illiterate,not pearl coloured radience they have in their skin like us,and they don’t speak English also,they speak  Indian as i heard from My brother,who went to India last Month”She lend an air of proudness in her talk.”

“Racist!who told you that indians are illiterate and speak a language called ‘Indian’,our food is more high quality than your general knowledge,I don’t mean to disrespect you but you are disturbing me with your presence.”

During this feud between me and an another lady,I came across a large mirror, I almost shouted “who is this?This is not me”

I am representing a possesed woman right now,as gulping the hard reality that i am in the past,in some unknown English woman’s body,124 years reverse.

I continued to stare at my reflection,

Inner satan resonated a cunning laugh,

“Your christmas wish is granted,now honey, what an amusing ride it is going to be,right?”

A postcard to my special readers

Dear my readers,

I often render through my mind that how blessed i am to meet you guys.I am not wonderwoman or idealised replica of beauty,that’s when i first started writing it is always scary and exciting,I recall going to my wordpress every 1 hour to see even 1 people have remarked about my writing, It disappointed my heart every time i saw the notification box without the yellow sign.Then i realized i folded my hands to myself,then i let my hands open and devoted my heart to appreciating other writers,we all are same in this platform,hungry for just a little love & admiration.

At the end of the day i gain maybe many likes,but likes are inferior,when i come across your  comments,there is where i get my inspiration,a little believe & courage that whatever i am doing is making someone smile,someone can releate to me.We let our agony,happiness,fear,hope through our penned memoranda,our hearts go in our every emblamed thoughts and a little appreciation can fed those pages of writing the nourishment it demands.

Not all of you who are following me are actually following,i wonder this is a true blogging platform,not a facebook,snapchat or instagram,we firmly adore your thoughts,even when you criticise us that’s,also provide us numerous strength.

I request you,as a writer,maybe an terrible writer who stumble too much,to look at WordPress as a blogging platform,and appreciate the budding writers.




The fleeting soul

Love,I can’t be with you in your tomorrow

You might fancy me in a white dress,veil and tiara

Walking in a isle,just resembling princesses from fables

You say,my feet look luminous without boots on the roads of the mountain

I make your world perfect

Hundred praises you have thrown to me

Millions to melt and flatter my heart

Still i can’t be with you,love

I am not the girl who will chant’I do’ in a firmament atmosphere

I am the sephulchre,the dangerous,horrifed frantic woman

I will make your heart drown in 400 feet waters and make you fly high above the horizons

I am not the suave,charming women

Just the opposite, a fallen angel

Who carries cavalier spirit in her very soul

You must not keep in a jar,I might not live a happy,fulfilling life

I might be deprived of family,Children and all comforts of life

I would be happy to accept an unexpected ending

A girl who filled the world with the fierceness of her wings

Love,I can’t be with you in your tomorrow

Cause i am not aware if there will be a tomorrow for me,

Adventerous souls live less,

But oh!how they live is worth everything.

Crashing of the souls part:4

24th december,2017

There are certain days which with every growing years condemn us with more dear memories.It has been nearly one month i have started going out with my boy,The one i came across in the library.It was not some kind of bollywood movie scene where the main protagonist’s hair floating in the air,they forgot where they are,the world around is illumined and they are lost in a land where inspite of being -40°c moving hips in a slight dress and the boy once again dancing with a saftety cardigan ofcourse.I was hoping that my first love should be diffirent than others,but it wasn’t.I promise we didn’t stare at each other for hours like Edward and Bella.In fact,I was indulged in his personality,After a decade later i found a person whom i could call my friend,a very precisely lovely companion.Our love story started in coffee shops to the crunch of the waffles,from the Eiffel tower to the art museums,picture gallaries,vintage shops.All was going well,since that unfateful day.I was going to pick him up from his work,I was so excited to give him a surprise as he was unaware of me coming.I neatly decorded my soul with a blue coloured maxi dress with white peonies printed on them.A small necklace i wore with unnumbered happy spirits hanging on my face and accompanied me through out my journey.There is always a problem when you have unruly frizzy hair which not want to bound in my head,always keep swinging up and down .After fighting with my straightner,Absoultely failing to do a decent makeup,I tied my hair in a bun,took up my bag and slide down in flats,Heels is not my best friends,as also flats,I can’t even walk in flats without stumbling here and there.I did a little tap dance on staircase while reaching the main to catch a taxi.I can’t contain my paitence to see him.

This christmas eve is going to be so signifiacnt with him.when i reach my destination,It was strange for him to not be  in the front bar serving waffles.I inquired about him,they said he is inside.I put my feets one after another in silence,I was rewarded by the side of him in balcony.But to my conscience,He is not alone standing in the veranda.I place my hands on my chest, covering my vision with the flowers i brought along with me.A question that my inner consciousness threw at me like a dagger,Is it the person you have travelled miles to visit once again?Such a cunning laugh resonate at me.

He is kissing with full intensity and passion with no care for the outer world.

I didn’t thought it would happen to me.what did i do to deserve this?I whispered with my eyes closed and went out of the bar,I am trying so hard to not be a mess, but without my consent the water spheres soaked my cheek.As i slowly walking in the steerts of paris,i glance at the happy faces with cherry like blush perishing their beauty,couples enjoying the parsian air with finger mingled with each other.In the midst of this romance fleeting in the air, It’s like god punished me before the day of christmas to have my lonely soul wandering into this enormous city.

I went back to my apartment and gave away the flowers to a homeless lady as a small christmas greetings. I stepped outside my bed and folded my arms and as watching the glided snows falling so magnificently,I offered a prayer to the almighty.

“Please take me to another era,where love is true and my heart could heal”

Who knows what the christmass going to bring for me.

Maybe much worse than today

And i turn off the lamp.