Crashing of the souls:part 3

Herdfordshire, England,1893

Mr.Joyce.. No no,How was your tour..

Why?I throw up the last piece of paper out of the window.Frustation and disappointment formed into the structure of small little sweats on my face. I put aside my memior and rested my head on the windowpane.My thoughts are crowded with Mamma’s words of finding a fine suitor for me,it began to darken and its like spilling black inks all over my vision,my dreams.I noticed water residing in the corner my eyes.I didn’t want to cry but my battles sometimes seems to be so long,why can’t be whatever i tend to be.Is there will be any time a women have the voice and courage to determine her own fate.If that time comes in some century,I want to born in that age,not this age.

‘Emma,Are you alright?’my sister julia exclaimed in a tone of worry.

‘Yes,Alright in the most distracted manner’I growled in rage.

”calm down Miss Author,your cheekbones are literally representing our harvested apple,O!what i see there is smoke coming out of your ears.Oh!miss austen control your disapproving manners which seems to melt down your charm and antique self’she said.”Have you heard the news Mr.Alcott coming to Herdfordshire and he would be attending the ball we all are invited in”

Meanwhile,I spread my legs across the bed and closed my eyes,”That’s a fine proposal,If you don’t mind dear i would like to take some rest as my head is aching for quite a long time”

‘Indeed’,She left with her eyes trying to covey the feeling of slight disappointment  and as i have been always  a curious inspector of people’s behaviour, I know she must have expected some attaining remark from me on this matter,But unfortunately my thoughts are crowded with something more dreadful than ever.

Mr.Alcott.what he has been doing after all these years.I gazed at the distant trees of the forest and all my senses are screaming for one question..Did i forgive him?Perhaps some content deserves no explanation for its consequences.I sat infront of the mirror and examined my facial detail’s, Being the not a miraculous paragon of beauty,I am always a rebel,tomboy with two braids hanging from her shoulder,no elegance,A girl like this must be such a trouble to her family.But isn’t it wholely inspiring and at the same time lighten the zeitgeist, the spirit of an individual. 

What tomorrow brings,Ofcourse ball,and Mr.Alcott.Isn’t it incomprehensive offence to a person to attend a ball when she hardly can move her feet to the right rythm?

oh so poor Emma!Even the Dance floor can’t resist you from falling.

“Exsistence is a strange bargain, life owes a little;we owe it everything.True happiness comes from squandering ourselves for a purpose that is only belongs to your authentic self”.I held my memior as sleep slowly took me in its quite heaven…

Crashing of the souls:part-2

2017,3rd november,Shakespeare and co,paris

Always a vein effort,whenever i try to pick up the book of Emma Austen,because it is always situated in a place where i can never get my hands on.

“Looks like someone needs a little help”I heard a faint but a firm voice behind the bookshelf.I cannot see the person but the accent of this fellow person makes it clear that he has a french gene with arrogance and prejudice blended with him.

Often people have  stereotypical imagination of how a Nerd’s apperance should be.’Nerd’,a word i have clearly discouraged since i have knew the less satisfying meaning of it.In my opinion,A nerd is someone who ampify his or her precious hours doing something meaning,not spending time judging others when their own life is been on a amiss direction.

A rather curly haired,Pale skin man made his apperance before me.He is wearing a blue shirt with a galaxy coulured pants.My sensations didn’t awoke to his rather absurd,inappreciable fashion sense,But to his ardent,fervour eyes which now looking at me with a twinching brow.

“Hi,So you are eagerly searching for Emma Austen’s book,Here you are,there is a copy on the left side of the bookshelf can borrow it”

A benign soul,I though to myself.”I had been searching for this book in many book stores around paris,I don’t know how to express my deepest gratitude to you”I circulate my palm upon the derm of the book,there is some abstruseness about old books,it can derange your thoughts from any current things and export to a realm of fiction.

“Coffee,Tea,water,whatever you agree on Miss,I just want to know about this Emma Austen admirer more?An inexplicable smile brightened his face. 

“Miss is my not my name,It is Aaratika”

“Myself,James,It is absolutely pleasure to have a conversation with you,shall we go?”

“Ofcourse, first let me borrow the book from the librarian”.I issued my book,and it is such a indescribable happiness to have this rapped around my hand.Now I have a walk with a stranger,lets go!

We just walked and talked about where he live,basically a bio-data based talks between us for a few mintues,an unexpected rain came in our way.We both have no umbrella with us,so we ran into a coffee shop and ordered the cheapest espresso,I never paid attention to his face first few mintues,I just glanced two or four times between our conversations. There i discovered he reflects the face of a 10 year old whenever he talks about Shakespeare,full of enthusiasm and liveliness,paris,rain and espresso, Oh!Moon can’t you stay here all night,this congratulatory atmosphere consumed my hopeless mad heart.

Finding some new person in an unknown city,far away from my home,surely feels good.When they rain stopped,though i wished james stayed for some more times,but it was getting late.Though people say paris never sleeps, but some persons like me really needs sleep.I bid a warm goodbye to my new pal,james.Hope to meet him anyday again.

I opened my apartment,which is now illustrate perfectly a battle-ground and trash can.It took 1 hour to generalize to its previous status.I rubbed eyes slowly and put my nightlight on.I carefully opened Emma Austen’s ‘Verica’.

I know in my conscience,I  am going to be late to university tomorrow and proffessor Brandon once again throw me out of his class but this book,is too fascinating to leave.

The dance balls,aristocrat manners,lofty mountains,letter-writing fantasy.

what if i can go to that era,where life was much meaningful and full of sustained dignity…

Crashing of the souls:Chapter 1

1883,Herdfordshire,3th November

The snowflakes covered our house,and from our windowpane i came in contact with the tumultuous white frost blessing.Such a azure sky tempted my heart and my innest consciousness.

“Charlotte Dear,I have been eagerly waiting for you to come down to have some pleasent breakfast with us.But when your father knocked your door,and you have not responded to his presence,he assumed that you must  fell asleep once again”Mother exclaimed.

‘I was exhausted and my health is not quite well since the other day’ I replied in hurry.You cannot simply propose to your mother that you have spent your whole night in a vein attempt to write a novel.And to your inquiry,my friends,I had only able to write only a syallable which only consists the name of the author.How dreadful I am!

“Have you considered sweetheart what will you do as you are growing up quite fast and sooner or later one had to sail their thoughts towards the destination they want to accomplish?”

Clearly and precisely i never had an big and ambitious valley of dreams and list to look up to.Though i fear my life if i do not find my destination i had to blindly follow one man with no joy,no sorrow.But without light like dream our lives are merely worth living.For me,my dreamland was the one where i can condemn my heart and soul to writing.

“I have no precise plan,Mamma,The truth is i am really unknown to my own destination “I murmured in a timid resonation.

Mamma’s eyes looked straight to the warm sun which is giving glorious reflection to the snowy paradise.”I hope my love you forgot this unprofitable dream of becoming a author,Cause i have been looking for you some fine gentleman of Herdfordshire, It would be a relif to a old mother’s heart to see her daughter settled and happy”She replied in a breath with still munching her toast.

How a person feels in her heart when her own mother disagrees with her ambition, how will she fight the world if there is battle in her own kingdom.All these thoughts are grippping my head slowly and firmly making my heart its terrible prey.

Without speaking a single syallable from my thoughts,I ran towards my room.I didn’t wanted this painful tears to gush out of my eyes,but somehow my heart was too heavy to be in my control.

Wish i could escape to another time..

-I don’t know if i have the ability what it takes to write a story,I am happy that i am trying to do something diffirent, even if it is bizzare,so dear readers,please express your opinion about it.Sincerely,Neha.

The power of Education

Education,this single word holds so much fierce power within itself.we all know education is important and contrary to our exsistence,but do we can really able to come to terms with its depth and the reason why we learn.Our main destination in today’s life is to go through somewhere,to buy the expensive clothes,to have the economical independence. 

But in my point of view,education is the seed that plows a belif for the future.A belive that ensures us infinite capability to know ourselves better.We choose our subjects in the university so that we can contribute to the growth and sculpture of the subject.Inspite of,we have a well decorated plate infront of us,we decide to skip that,to focus on other things.This is why the important thing often pass besides our minds

Education creates endless ripples which beautifed into a hand to the underprivileged. Most of us taken for granted our enormous power of learning. Think how worthy our world will become,if everyone is educated and introduced to the blessing called education.It helps us to see the world in a unparalleled light,it opens to us a world of rainbow in guise every subject.we walk down to the history for our own curiosity of the era that  we left behing,we create new realms of possibility through science,we fall in love with every city and geography made us hungry for the knowledge about earth.In English we can see through the greatest mind of the earlier generation.Mathematics is always logic at its best.we are nourshied by this subjects and we are quite lucky to have expiernce diffirent words through education.

We all have the privilege,lets make one promise to help those childs who are deprive of this blessing and lighten their world with 1 to A.

Let’s be someone’s light today.

In your shelter

There is a place in sunlit paradise

Where there is no extravagences of prejudice

Or the sneers of Pride

No heartbreaks to scatter your heart

No betrayls to mend you apart

No expectation to fulfill

No city to tear us apart

O!how sublime and awe inspiring place that must be

Where i will find your imprints in every exaltation

I don’t mind if i have to cross trillion lightyears 

But when i would came in your atmosphere 

Please let there be your eyes and your scent to welcome me there

After a long quest

Your presence is what i condemn at the end of each sunset…

1 to many years still to come..

Thanks for helping me to fly.

All the people who I have been received so much love & affection.Without you,it will be meaningless to write.If a true influencer doesn’t praise a writer’s work,All happiness seems dull.

I try to go through every person’s post indiviually,You all are very special to me.

I know I have yet to improve.

I hope that every year my unconditional love for writing strengthens.

Cheers to,More wonderful years to come


The forever lost us

picture courtesy=pinterest
Ah!Do you remember me old fellow?

A lifeless statue claded in white powders,

ocular globe shattered & reflecting the dark cloud under the eyes.

responded with a shaky whisper,

She grasped,her eyes full of disdain,

after all this years,she is facing her childhood

beauteous curly locks,& smile uninfected by the punishment of adulthood 

‘Me’ she almost whispers to herself,

How are you my independent girl?her 7 year self asked with a sunshine smile hovering over her face,

Did you visit Paris?Are you a astronaut,or a doctor or a scientist?

your room must be filled with fairy lights and pink walls?

how amazing your life might be

you know I see those grown up with pretty dresses and they can whatever they want

I wish I could live the life you are living

A craving for the title ‘grownup’,The little girl exclaimed with sadness,

On the other hand the grown up listened to her in silence

Witnessing the happiest girl in the world

in the baby pink frock which her papi gifted her in 6th birthday

reminiscing through the rugged pages of the wonder years

A sudden reality startled her and for one moment she wished she was dead

the wanting for more,the chasing left her

at the end of a infinite tunnel,

Closing her eyes,she dreamed for a escape

far away and away,

She muttered to her 7 year boisterous self,

“My little sweetheart!Life doesn’t give you everything you demand

Just one thing I wanna say to you,

Don’t live in the false promises of future

Breath,chuckle and make present your companion

rather to be longing for the love of tomorrow”