The unidentified.

When you sip your coffee and that cloud emerges around your lips,
I want to become that.
When your curly hair slips quickly from your shoulder,
I want to be the one to caress it.
When you are sitting in the window seat of a bus,on a dull,rhetotic night
I want to be the wind that touches your eyelids and waste away.
I desire to be every ounce of the water
That smoothly runs through your hand
At times.
I want to be unknown and isolated
Whole loving you.
For,with open eyes
I gaze at you from distance
Your eyes do not know my eyes yet
I conjecture love is what we gain through hearts
Not through attention and dominance.

Hello my gorgeously precious readers,Just want to say Thank you for loving my poetry so much.

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My support is always with you all.


A dip into the familiar.

The cotton candy,And merry- go- round with bubbles of laughter beaming
Like sunrays peeped through the clouds.
Pickle jar stacked in the cupboards and the fingers twirling there in delight.
The sunshine of the poppy fields and arms devoid of morbid taint.
You could gain all the riches
But that touch of childhood
Where your soul reflects the sky
And god is none but your incarnation.
I intensely crave for this nostalgia.
For the the thing we love
Is the thing that fades away too fast
Into the unknown.

Upon the shores of time

Once upon a time,
There was a picture which told our story
For miles we have walked together
To find the brink of this earth
To be convulsed in the warmest sun
over the valley that softly caress the azure skyline.
Hands in hands
eyes screamed of ethereal love
For love,my dear,is yet
a juxtaposition of longing and salty waves.
I have not realised that I have come so far from you
That it seems that that universe has become my niche.
‘Picture’ are only harbinger of that path lost long ago,
That eyes which are the manifestion of lies,
That love which scarify innocence.
Oh dear,I want it to stay lost forever
Lost in the irony of times.


The grief has a smiling face
undaunted eyes and a heart full of lies.
We present the most exuberant words
in the guise of the blood that is gliding through the veins,
Spllis itself on the darkened,silent night.
The poets,the actors,and the lovers
each has their own irony
Of wrapping hurts with stardusts.

To Maa.

Dear Maa,

It’s been 1825 days since you left us,but who is counting?.So long,Maa,so long.There isn’t a day I don’t think about you and your little lesssons that you have given us throughout your lifetime.Maa,grief is still very much alive in my heart and I cannot deny that it not has been an easy journey for me.Everytime I write about you,a little part of me dies,as if somebody is taking something out of me,something irreplaceable.I can’t help these tears,the loss of you made me strong and if i have to break time from time,I have accepted the pain for it is an evidence of how one can deeply love a person beyond death.The first two years after your death,I had a hope in my heart,that all this is a nightmare,a really bad nightmare and I would soon wake up by your voice telling me to wake up for school,I can still eat your delicious food,talk to you about what happened in school and those soft hands caressing my hair when I am weak and feeble.Maa,today I buried the hope that you will come back one day,though in my mind,It seems that you have gone to one of those golden fields surrounded with gentle breeze floating through the air.One regret I would always carry deep within ne that I was not able to express my love for you,to say that I love you to the infinite.But Maa,thank you for all the things I learned from you,Sometimes I can see your eyes through me,and these five years made my love for you to transform from an ailing grief to a sober love and affection.

Believe me, I have learnt to grow with the morbid taint in my heart and I would never ever let the world forgot your kindness,unselfish nature,my writings will always be an odyssey to you.That is a forever promise.

I couldn’t stop from thinking how brighter our moments could have been if you were there to share with us.One thing I would always crave for,I have nobody to come home to,I reminisce your smiling face when I returned home,how pure that love was.The value of simple things I learned when I have no longer the chance to fix my faults.

For the girl who thought that she could not survive one day,she fighted all her demons.I do not posses such strength in me,maybe your love has guided me all these years and became the light to my world.I hope you are happy,and laughing with that infections careless giggle of yours,wherever in the world you may be.You are the best person in our life and even death would not be able to change that.

Five years and forever goes on to missing you.

your daughter,


The land of goddesses.

I couldn’t think of more appropriate title than this.We are the worshippers of ‘Durga’ and ‘Maa kali’,the womens who fought evils to restore the peace and harmony of this universe.Ironically,There are also the humans,who brutally slain a 8 year old girl to fulfill the lust and make every men proud of their existence.We can’t believe in God,if we don’t consist in us the power to fight bravely with these beasts,the wild beasts,who are still living in few humans amongst us,in India,maybe the number of those people is around millions. Everyday when I wake up in the morning,and go through the daily newspaper,I see everyday a women is Sexually assaulted,or either killed because of not fulfilling the ceaseless want of money in Marriage.One way or another,we put down the women,the goddess,a nuturer,through whom a new life begins its journey in the earth.Still,everyday we are to made to feel ashamed of our body,the bane which builds the future of every child,the menstruation because of which there is us.

Now I should ask my readers,why we are made to feel what we are feeling,the conflicts that have borne out of the present circumstances in our country?

Should our voices only be limited to a mere facebook tag?

There are million of Afisa,innocent,and die before they could even see the beauties of this world and dream with their mellifluous eyes.

A country where faith lies in a women,a goddess, on the other hand this is also the country where a girl is bleed to death,and Nirbhaya,Afisa and our girls breathe their last breath under a sick pride of those who think themselves as superior,though they are only the flag-bearers of their own weakness,their mental sickness.

Cause we are made to believe that girls only look good when they are subtle,soft and dependable.We still are rounded by chains of judgement,and sneering glances.Still,we get judged by the line of our clevage,but not by the intelligence of our mind.

It is such a topic which shakes the inner turmoils of my conscience,the hopelessness that suffocates our existance,we should be able to fight for ouselves,for all our girls and womens.I encourage all the Men who have came forward to support,and We are immensly and truly proud of you guys.

A candle march cannot give light to all the women who are still living in the darkness of this society,buried in the name of tradition,We are,the ‘Gen-y’ and if that one step of change doesn’t start with us,then we should refrain ourselves from calling ‘Modern’.

We should be there for our girls,and fight with these pervert men and show them the bane of the womb.

We should stand united against those.

We want those rapists to be punished immediately.


Love actually.

Story time.

There is a boy who has beautiful dark eyes,with messy curly hair hiding his forehead with grace,his smile is mischievous,as he softly rested his hand on the camera,his world views became the stories of picture.He never searched for love,for when flirting is good for health,then why waste away youth in finding soulmates.

A girl,with luscious hair scattered on her shoulders and eyes that can produce envy to the milky ways in the universe.It is not in external features she posses,It is her scintilliant concinnity of what she had inside,that enchanted others.She did have magic portion induced in her,that portion which is called ‘affection’ to love genuinely,and incessantly.

Not akin to Bollywood stereotypes,that a boy had to abhor a girl to love them later.In many a stories,people fall in love just a sight of their fluttering hair that she tucked behind her ear.So did our impossible boy,who never thought a girl in red could make him blush harder in scarlet red.A sudden twitch made him aware that a different predicament is surely on its way.

The girl,was going through the timeline of wishes when she heard the sound of an unexpected wish in her message box,Our boy wished her on her birthday,she was astonished but somehow the boyish smile of him flashed in her mind,she colored a bit.The boy,never wanted to let go of any opportunity to be able to hold her heart,in his embrace,so He threw a request in the hope of a definite rejection.


‘Ok!Come in front of my office,I will give you a treat’she said,after a minute.

Finally,his heart did a summersault.

Communication is the beginning of a friendship,but for them,to know the depth of a person meant a lot, especially when every sight of them made them their lips curved into a smile.

We became a little fool when we give our heart to someone,we kept hours,days,and logic at a considerable distance.

1 step turned to 30 steps,so did their untiring night calls when both welcomed morning leapt in each other’s voices,foods which became delicious in each other’s laughter’s,One day the boy thought that what a blessing would be to love her.

He proposed his love to her after a short time.

……………..Though her heart smiled in delight,she feared that how a boy who is in possession of such an innocent,charming face could love only a girl.Sitting beside a window,with hands tapping window panes,deciding on the pros and cons of having a relationship again,stressed her.But,She did reciprocated his love.

Some risks became the stories that are encrypted in ages to come.

‘Yes’she was sure of this risk.

He embraced her in a hug,as if he is holding a Elysian thing,too precious to be in this earth.

Love begins.

They did have fight,for he had a frenzied temper which could pass all tornadoes the world has ever seen,she with a soft heart,did sob sometimes.But as soon a tear rolled down her cheek,he was always there to catch it before it kissed the ground.

He always bowed down to her,for he is aware that it is not be ashamed of saying sorry to someone you love,I t simply means you cannot loose a person over your ego,for they mean more than fickle fights.

Thunders and sunshine are part and parcel of relations.we all had to face,for what is life without a few Stumbles?

Their love is true and extremely valuable cause it enables them to love the ones who are special on their perspective life.

She has that infectious affection to unite all,the boy’s broken family finally found what they had lost years before,that warm love of a mother.

Hands rested upon each other’s while the fire is lit,they looked at each other as if the first time,smitten by their glorious smile.He again colored in scarlet red,for her red saree could beat any goddesses,he thanked the butterflies,for on a chilly winter evening,he is gifted with the warmest hearts,for forever.

(The boy has a really cute sister,who eats all the time and receives great delight in being the’Kabab me haddi’all the time)