“That was a gloomy day,She walked through the mud-cluttered roads,with a book in her hand,she brushed her fingertips through the ancient tales,the kings & kingdoms,their chivalry,virtue,moral courage.Her feets were dirty, her nails were digged in dirty waters as she examined each book with consummate curiosity,like a wizard,the books were the wands to her,opening a new world.

As she reached home,there was an angry glaze starring at her,she clutched the book tightly,as the voice inquired her about where she was.She cannot utter the word that she was reading,her father doesn’t think there is any need of studying for a girl child.She lied to him,that it was her friend’s book which she forgot in their house.

She wanted to enlighten herself with education,so whenever everyone in the house slept,she awaked,in the dim light of the candle,she read.On saying she is going for to play with her friends,she went to school.Though her life was not a bed of roses,but she always adored  damask’d roses,she wanted to bloom gracefully and to linger the sweet scent of her goodness in the upper regions of the air.One day,her father caught her,he beated her,her mother snatched her from her father,With wet eyes she begged to him to give the allowance for her daughter to read.One slap,was the answer and when he proceed to beat her once again,she gripped his hand.Thus,she left the house with her daughter,left her husband.She had nothing,still she never show that to het daughter,worked tirelessly,lived in a small congusted house,despite of all these sufferings,she knew she had a vision to educate her daughter,and not to make her a dash in the word,but to be a worthy women.

Ladies and Gentleman,May i introduce solemnly to my Mother,she shed numerous tears and her each thought is the brick of my foundation.More than me,this award dedicated to you Maa”

The world saw a renowed scientist,handing the award to a simple dressed lady,today no body questioned her about her surname,or why she always bring Dry Rotis to her tiffin,or why she spent her birthday not in a fancy resturant,but eating the payes het mom made for her,or where her father has gone.when the whole auditorium clapped for her,the mother-daughter is looking to each othr with unspokable emotions floating in their eyes.

And the daughter hugged her Maa and said,

“Thank you maa,If any god or angels did exist in this world,all are but an incarnation of your mortal being”

Many people assume that supporting female equality is to hold a banner against the othet sex,there are mens who support us as well as there are womens who also opposes us.Not all mens are well as for all women’s are same.It may be a hard question,that to whom to trust,only trust and have faith in that little voice inside you,that know your worth than any mouth or eyes that only know thousand words to speak but nothing to say.


27 thoughts on “‘En-courage’

      1. Hey champ, reserve the accolades for your mother. You see, It takes a tremendous amount of strength to be a single mother. To hold down the forte of a home, a life and your child’s entire happiness. ‘Aisi Maa ko mera shat shat naman’ πŸ™‚

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