Crashing of the souls: part 6

Charlotte Austen,Paris


There is a very strange sound blasting my ears,and I am shook by that.My hands roam through the blanket,and anon i opened my eyes,I looked over my surroundings,the room is much small,very congusted i may say but there is a big white window at the north corner of it,I became aware of the fact that i am not wearing my dress,what i am wearing is much shorter pants,my whole appreance is so vulgar.Taking refined steps to the mirror,I cried with astonishment,

Who am i?This is not me,Julia…Julia..i gathered every strenght in my voice and called julia,Mamma,and papa,but what i next saw was enough to faint me,This room is so small to live,and i,rushed out of the room and there are plenty rooms in this buliding,I used the stairs and reached the street,this must be a city.Something is bothering me,This is another world,and people here is so strange,In their apperance and conversations. I asked a stranger on where was i?,he seem to stare at my face for some quite a long time,

“Paris”He stated simply.

“You are lying.How can i be in France,while i am in Herdfordshire with my family.”I ran my hands through the tangles of my hair, or should i say someone else’s hair.

“I guess Ma’Am you are still in hangover,Anyway,Sil vous plait”replied the stranger and soon was out of my sight.

“Aaratika,Aaratika” and i heard a women calling me but by a very weird name i never heard.

The women wearing a red trench coat and a pastle coloured hat,crossed the street and came closer to me.

“I have been calling you from last night you jerk!where were you?Aren’t you supposed be in Rohania cafe and don’ t tell me you threw your phone after your nasty breakup?”The lady shoot unnumbered questions to me.

“calling,how i am supposed to heard you when you are in your home?and most importantly what respect i am inclined to you,My dear”I shudder vibrantly as I said.

“My dear,My should consult a Therapist,honey, You are in the verge of going mad out of breakup,people go through breakup every single day,but they survive”she hold my shoulders and riot a comfoting glance towards me,”Aaratika,Forgot him,who in the world hates pizza,and kfc chicken?you aren’t in a need of a man who make thousand excuses even going out for one date,you need someone who you don’t have to beg to?

“You are a respectable lady,please help me,I am not the women who are you speaking of?This is like a Erebus,this place, like my conscious had been playing simpleton games to me,I am Charlotte Austen,I am from the landed gentry of Herdfordshire “It made me pant with tears while i was confessing my slipshod situations to this fine but very weird gentlewoman.

She stared at me with astonishing eyes,her ocular globe seems to be eager to detach from her face.she gulped and said,”You are not a person who is very fond of mockery?

I came close anon to the lady and firmly gripped her hand and said “you are my last hope,and for one moment listen to me”

“Hmm…Let’s go upstairs”,she held my hand and took me the apartment.

We sat on the comfortable furnishings, the room is inferior to my home,but still it gives an air of  familiar atmosphere .

“It all began when i awoke from my bed,I was in some kind of unknown territory, I was lying in a glass shed surrounded by glass walls,I felt numb,devoid of any emotion,then i saw a man approaching in my direction,he was a man in his early 30’s,he wore a white coat,and there were some followers of him,circulating around him.

He said “Charlotte Austen!I ardently wish that you had a good nap,You have woken into a new era of technology and science,far from the mundane and slow country life of Herdfordshire,Everyone  know about your past,present and future,for people you have been dead for centuries,but me,Dr.willam,will prove to the world what can i do and the whole universe will kneel down on my very feet”,there was a vanity and irrevocable pride is all i can see instead of a human being with flesh and blood,an unnoticable smile riots through his face, he switched some rounded thing and the whole glass surface began to vanish and meanwhile i was standing infront of Dr.william.

“I can’t reckon your if i have come across you?”,His brows twinched and he took forward step towards me,his hand gently rubbing his cheek,and he answered,”Honey,because i am born in 1980’s not 1798,and my sole mission to brought here is to to write in praise of my victory and i want to get inside of that mind which created histories and made people fell in love with you,though you were my obsession on my teen,and then i got over of your shit stories very quickly but even i can’t deny you are the women novelist,who is capable of writing great epics dedicated to me”

“These things are so confusing to me,and what the year you mentioned,1980,It is impenetrable, you must in be a frenzied state of mind to talk about such unnecessary things.I wish to go to my home.Gentleman,I am going to shout very fiercly if you do not take me to my home.”I pant in anguish that made my voice deeper than it ought to be.

I heard a very unsatisfactory sound of laugh,he clapped his hand and said “Do i like a fotune teller or jesus to fulfill every goddamm wishes you imply to are in place of Aaratika Roy,in the year 2017,in paris,bear it,gulp it,it is your reality except it or it will barely take one second to kill you with the poison i have invented last year,the elements i have used though are illegal but when things are made to bulid for human to reach higher level,it is worth everything”

There is no fear,no kindness,no vice,no goodness in his eyes,only the pride and intrigue is all i can see.

He started at my eyes,His lips are still but his eyes burning with fury.He touched one curls of my lock of hair and said.

“You are beautiful but too sentimental,too emotional,no mortal mens could persuade to your virtue,”He continued to speak”Rather than me”and he turned his head slowly and his boots making rarely any sounds,were soon his presence was out of sight.

And then i am here.

While i was confessing my situation,the lady reflected the image of a rock,not even one time her eyes were in looking to another object.Her hands twisting the end knot of her hair.when i finished,i saw her lips to part as if to inhale some regions of air,then her ocular globes began to vibrate with fresh tears,and it occur to me like she is gathering power to speak one syallable.

Then she spoke,her hands still wet from the effort of not showing her pain,”where is Aaratika?, and then despite of all brevity, her tears is visible to me.

“I think she is in Herdfordshire, England in the year 1798″As i said that,suddenly i began to feel frozen,my heart and my senses has gone to a land i don’t have any idea of.In this unknown territory,i suudenly statred to miss papa,mama,my sister, those sunlit Herdfordshire summers,and the crystalline snows on the christmas eve,sunlit echoing green fields,My compainions,The swing on the back of my house,Mr…..

Why do we miss things when we have no grip upon them?.My all eatrhly relationships seemed like sand in my hand,it fell too fast from my possesions.

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  1. You write incredibly beautifully – I’m so in love with your blog, I’m so happy I found it !!
    Abby –

    Liked by 1 person

    1. neha98blog says:

      Thank you love for your kind remark!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Alok Singhal says:

    Seems a meaningful story going on since long ☺️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. neha98blog says:

      Thank you earnestly for reading my story.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh! I’m feeling for the poor girl. Let’s see how you restore her from the predicament…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. neha98blog says:

      Sotti koro bolo Maniparna di, maje maje khub doubt sotti e pari ki na likhte,karon response khub e kom,jokhon internet bhulbhal video kore hajar view pae,kintu bhalo jinis keno keu appreciate kore na?Tumi e akmatro poro,ar ami chinti kori na ke porche ar porche na amat work,but akjone er kind words amar jonno bishal somman rakhe.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Aare, mon kharap korishna. There’s always less people whom you can refer as genuine readers. And, keep writing…practice makes perfect… ❤


  4. Didi eta ki last part naki? R to dekhlam na.. I don’t think this is the end. Won’t you write the end of the story? I am dieing to read what happens next. The plot, the twists and the characters they are all very perfect. 💖


    1. neha98blog says:

      When I think back now,I think I should have completed the story.Keno je chere dilam lekha god knows.Bhebechilam I was not capable of completing this.Jani it’s stupid of me.I will surely write a next part babu.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes you should write the next part, because tumi capable na to r ke hbe? Ei idea ta i to ki sundor. Eta keu bhabtei parbena. You did a great job and next part er jnne ami opekkha e roilam😃❤️


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