I know when i am writing , numerous articles are already written on this and inexplicable tears fell silently on the golden pages of the book “The fault in our stars” by john Green.From my point of view,that one book can give diffirent lights to various readers,as whatever we read and when we read we attach our heart and our own stars to it,then it became without our control,a story of our own.

 Like Augustus waters and Hazel Grace there are so many others,some love stories we may never know,how unfair sometimes almighty seems,but how greatful he is to give us a life,sooner or later we all would turn into ashes,with this ashes in the sephulchre who would care about our love,happiness,grief,dream,our small pleasures,will also die with us.I am not gonna shout the “Carpe Diem” theme in this or seize the moment.I guess for me it is the the other way round.Once in a lifetime,there are some moments which seizes us,like when the first time Augustus confessed his feeling to Hazel,even the moment when in an empty church Hazel let her funeral speech gave infront of her only infinite,Augustus. We can’t stop our loved ones from dying,or to be aware of our death date.Even on the last day when we are dying,we may be completely unaware that our breaths are going to stop. I am not going to advise you on ‘How to live withour regrets or without being hurt’,cause it is impossible to live without this,if we have a life,there will be a diffirent colours of rainbow attached to our wings,some may shine the brightest and some part may be dull,but after all every feathers shape us,akin to every cell structure our body,just like that.As the author implied that there might be not so many people who will know us,but it is such a previllage to love,and to madly,crazily,and unforgettably loved by someone.We all want to be remembered, to the ‘greatest’ world to inclined ere our name,have you ever thought that even the greatest persons that lived down in History,however people did numerous research on how their behaviours was,but no body could take a dip in their hearts,they may have been admired by lots of persons but loved by only few and loved deeply only few.we are so busy,so depressed,so lonely,often hate life.But what about those who counts every breath as the another moment to breath this air,touch the sky,and roamed their feet through grass of our world.we blame the whole world for our unhappiness,we let every problem irritate us,we let every grude hold tightly to us,we let our love silently burn in us, we let so many things to us.

Can we not let go,whatever we convince ourself, There is always and always fault is in us.


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