Crawaling barefoot in the midst of destruction
Wounded with bullets,I lie down in the hope

That the god which created this universe will come in my rescue,

I can only see the impeccable night with sounds of guns blazing my ears forth with fear,

All the vision I ever dreamt is now just a blurry tale

Wanted to stand up,to refine this humanity,

Now is claded with bloods and death angels.

I grasped to say a prayer to the almighty but all i can manage is a whisper

To save my family from those followers of you,

Who cunningly murder us shouting your name,

Is it fair almighty to kill heavens in earth in the desire to reach the holy land of your blessed eternity?

Don’t you think,there are lots of deathbeds you have to experience ,you mortals!

You are gonna feel remorse one moment for us and then will go to the everyday maundane things,

You will talk about global warming,give suggestion to change our fates.

Mindless lectures, debates about us

But do you really been on my place?

Waiting for just an acre to bury my body in the turmoils of the earth

Do you really had been slept in the beds with horrors trembling your consciousness in the form of weapons?

You have everything and I have only intoxicated air,

Still you gave up on your dreams which my fate snatched away for me,

Complains about your life when millions of begging for one part of that happiness you have,

Nobody would wipe away this salted agony,

As there is no one left to felt the agony of my loss.

I want to ask almighty,

Why my dreams are so unvalid?

I just wished to fill up this world with the fragments of love and kindness

But it painted my heart with crimson red marks.


27 thoughts on “Battlefield 

      1. Keep writing,and as i am going through your writings,pardon me if i am not able to comment on every story.But your stories have an elemental sunlit morrow,perfectly scattered into every syallabe of your writing.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Note that,A story which is a miniature painting of soul and heart,always attracts reader sooner and lesser.I hate to self promote myself,But i hope it isn’t a selfish demand to ask you to read some of my works and tell your honest remark about them as i find you as a true reader.

        Liked by 1 person

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