1883,Herdfordshire,3th November

The snowflakes covered our house,and from our windowpane i came in contact with the tumultuous white frost blessing.Such a azure sky tempted my heart and my innest consciousness.

“Charlotte Dear,I have been eagerly waiting for you to come down to have some pleasent breakfast with us.But when your father knocked your door,and you have not responded to his presence,he assumed that you must  fell asleep once again”Mother exclaimed.

‘I was exhausted and my health is not quite well since the other day’ I replied in hurry.You cannot simply propose to your mother that you have spent your whole night in a vein attempt to write a novel.And to your inquiry,my friends,I had only able to write only a syallable which only consists the name of the author.How dreadful I am!

“Have you considered sweetheart what will you do as you are growing up quite fast and sooner or later one had to sail their thoughts towards the destination they want to accomplish?”

Clearly and precisely i never had an big and ambitious valley of dreams and list to look up to.Though i fear my life if i do not find my destination i had to blindly follow one man with no joy,no sorrow.But without light like dream our lives are merely worth living.For me,my dreamland was the one where i can condemn my heart and soul to writing.

“I have no precise plan,Mamma,The truth is i am really unknown to my own destination “I murmured in a timid resonation.

Mamma’s eyes looked straight to the warm sun which is giving glorious reflection to the snowy paradise.”I hope my love you forgot this unprofitable dream of becoming a author,Cause i have been looking for you some fine gentleman of Herdfordshire, It would be a relif to a old mother’s heart to see her daughter settled and happy”She replied in a breath with still munching her toast.

How a person feels in her heart when her own mother disagrees with her ambition, how will she fight the world if there is battle in her own kingdom.All these thoughts are grippping my head slowly and firmly making my heart its terrible prey.

Without speaking a single syallable from my thoughts,I ran towards my room.I didn’t wanted this painful tears to gush out of my eyes,but somehow my heart was too heavy to be in my control.

Wish i could escape to another time..

-I don’t know if i have the ability what it takes to write a story,I am happy that i am trying to do something diffirent, even if it is bizzare,so dear readers,please express your opinion about it.Sincerely,Neha.


27 thoughts on “Crashing of the souls:Chapter 1

  1. Wow, now that’s worth waiting. Awesome story. I really liked it or I should say loved it. You definitely can write a novel tooπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜Š I am eagerly waiting for the next part😊😊

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      1. Actually i was little scared most people didn’t care to read stories and some of them think wordpress as a facebook profile.I really appreciate that you expressed your thoughts rather than liking.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. WordPress is way different than Facebook.. Fb is just a waste of time but WordPress is a place where we get to learn a lot.. I like reading stories😊 I hope you will keep sharing them😊😊

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    1. Your endearments about my writing really made me incandescently happy.I have visited your blog,can’t stop myself reading all of your posts,And i am happy i have found such a lovely person.Take care love.

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      1. Thank you for the sweet comment. And i truly liked all your posts and immediately followed you. You are such a good writer and I will be more than happy to read your posts. Never stop writing. ❀

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      2. This remarks is all i live for.Such encouragements are the fuel to my desire of writing.I would love to hear your opinions on my other writings.And I loved your blog.Keep on being as striking and unique as you are.
        Heartiest love,


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