Education,this single word holds so much fierce power within itself.we all know education is important and contrary to our exsistence,but do we can really able to come to terms with its depth and the reason why we learn.Our main destination in today’s life is to go through somewhere,to buy the expensive clothes,to have the economical independence. 

But in my point of view,education is the seed that plows a belif for the future.A belive that ensures us infinite capability to know ourselves better.We choose our subjects in the university so that we can contribute to the growth and sculpture of the subject.Inspite of,we have a well decorated plate infront of us,we decide to skip that,to focus on other things.This is why the important thing often pass besides our minds

Education creates endless ripples which beautifed into a hand to the underprivileged. Most of us taken for granted our enormous power of learning. Think how worthy our world will become,if everyone is educated and introduced to the blessing called education.It helps us to see the world in a unparalleled light,it opens to us a world of rainbow in guise every subject.we walk down to the history for our own curiosity of the era that  we left behing,we create new realms of possibility through science,we fall in love with every city and geography made us hungry for the knowledge about earth.In English we can see through the greatest mind of the earlier generation.Mathematics is always logic at its best.we are nourshied by this subjects and we are quite lucky to have expiernce diffirent words through education.

We all have the privilege,lets make one promise to help those childs who are deprive of this blessing and lighten their world with 1 to A.

Let’s be someone’s light today.


9 thoughts on “The power of Education

  1. Education is the key to success. But these days the definition has changed. People study just to pass their exams. I have many people in college who get good marks but don’t even have basic knowledge of subject and on other hand, there are students who don’t score well but have full knowledge. So I think real knowledge is more important than just passing the exams.. Nice post. Happy to read it☺️👍


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