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Ah!Do you remember me old fellow?

A lifeless statue claded in white powders,

ocular globe shattered & reflecting the dark cloud under the eyes.

responded with a shaky whisper,

She grasped,her eyes full of disdain,

after all this years,she is facing her childhood

beauteous curly locks,& smile uninfected by the punishment of adulthood 

‘Me’ she almost whispers to herself,

How are you my independent girl?her 7 year self asked with a sunshine smile hovering over her face,

Did you visit Paris?Are you a astronaut,or a doctor or a scientist?

your room must be filled with fairy lights and pink walls?

how amazing your life might be

you know I see those grown up with pretty dresses and they can whatever they want

I wish I could live the life you are living

A craving for the title ‘grownup’,The little girl exclaimed with sadness,

On the other hand the grown up listened to her in silence

Witnessing the happiest girl in the world

in the baby pink frock which her papi gifted her in 6th birthday

reminiscing through the rugged pages of the wonder years

A sudden reality startled her and for one moment she wished she was dead

the wanting for more,the chasing left her

at the end of a infinite tunnel,

Closing her eyes,she dreamed for a escape

far away and away,

She muttered to her 7 year boisterous self,

“My little sweetheart!Life doesn’t give you everything you demand

Just one thing I wanna say to you,

Don’t live in the false promises of future

Breath,chuckle and make present your companion

rather to be longing for the love of tomorrow”


21 thoughts on “The forever lost us

      1. Neha i watch english movies.i don’t like reading english books and all.Believe i can write english somewhat well,but i can’t speak english fluently 🙂

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      2. One tip=Forgot that any one in that room, you are just standing infront of your mirror and speak and speak. Don’t stumble, It is the worst mistake people do while speaking English.

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