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There are lots of sunrises I have yet to reach

Walking on the shore of my life

I stop and began to think about the people I have left behind,

Some of them are near and some of them are far away somewhere lingering in my blurry imaginations 

They might have been forgotten me,

As people will always come & go

Memories break and create

So many times in our tales

There are lots of sunrises I have yet to reach 

some day might be filled with enchanting glitters of paradisal bliss

Some day you might be wished to pass like a blink of an eye

Some day your heart will be so disdainful

that your eyes would be in vain searching for emotions to express

I would be still searching for the sunrise when a nightmare seems too hard to bear

I would be going to look for the sunrise when love seems to flooding through the curves of that  gloomy smile

There are lots of sunrises I have yet to reach,

I ain’t going to miss a single one.



32 thoughts on “Sunrise..

      1. Actually I got change !
        Now I am silent lover , I never tease anyone by making calls or messages that’s why lot of my friend tells me that you are selfish , why don’t you miss me etc etc
        But I love to spend my free time alone


  1. Sun comes and go and we grow. time elapse and we flow. no hurdles can stop us to the confluence.
    some we able to hold. very beautifully written NEHA. when I was reading it I lost in the vicinity. truly mystical neha.


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