we had to wake up early as we are going to leave Rajgir today.Our car reached within 8:30 to pick up.Here we are on our way to Bodhogaya.

The scenery of nature outside my window is so heart sootheing,It literally make me wish that if I had a view like this to wake up every morning to.The mustard fields and the lofty gorgeous mountains -A combination which can only almighty can make.

On our way to Bodhogaya,we had one place to visit,that is kokoyaota falls.The whether was windy,but the chilliness in the air made me feel jumping in joy.It had probably 108 steps,but it was all worth it.The view from the top,and the hills covered in green canvas.Trully,this photo can’t do justice to what my eye captured forever.There is a small pond of fresh water from the falls,and in summer seasons you can bath here also.The water is crystal clear.Kokoyota falls when we went there,there was only 5 or 6 people,which I am very happy to see as the place surprised better than I expected.

Leaving a beautiful picture behind,we headed to Our final destination Bodhogaya.It took couple of hours to reach there.

A place where I always wanted to visit,the place Gautam Buddha found enlightenment.There was no camera allowed inside the holy place.There are pilgrims and devotists from all around the world,specially the Boudhists visit this every year.You can see the place is quite inspired by the boudhist travellers.

A peace priveled my mind as soon as i enter the place.I bowed to almighty to given me this chance to visit him,the pupil tree where Budha meditated is the fifth generation of the actual tree.There is also have the footprints of this greatest monk,buy it is now covered.The other places around Bodhogaya,is the splendid work of architecture by Various countries shown in their Holy Temples.

All picture courtesy goes to Me and Nisha(My sister)

Sitting in Bodhogaya station,As my train is late due to fog.I am now longing for home.

Though my expections from my trip was nothing,and nothing got me spellbound.


17 thoughts on “Day 4:Simmering with happiness

    1. Yes,they do di.But I find it little scary,as it only carries one people at a time.Many people who is along with us,refused to go on ropeways.No options on my side,I have to walk,and I am glad I took the path instead of ropeway.The whether was in our favour but during the last steps we were drained.All well,that ends well.The place is so peaceful and I want to visit again and again.

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