you know the charming  pink shades on your cheek when you are really happy,there is no need to cover up our imperfections,little not so loved details of us which very few people actually cared as our best details and how we started to hate those cause no one looked at those.                                                                     seeing the mountains outside my window pane instantly brightened my is so worth feeling when we get outside of our comfort zone and experience new things,mostly unfamiliar things which surprised and sometimes shocked us don’t always have to go to a foreign place to feel something out of the world experience,most people who think that is not more than lazy peoples who are good at those luxury hotels with 20000 INR per night and posts a very good looking insta post with the hashtag #travelfreak.let them be happy with their false travelling buzz,travelling if doesn’t make you shivver with a river of joy,like a good book if doesn’t move you from your naive homely thoughts it isn’t worth going to that.

Beautiful Mountain Roads

                                                                                               The paths with mountains playing peekabo with us and when i breath the air,the surroundings,the silence and unrecognizable peace which make all the worries disappear and for that very moment you wish if there was a memory jar where you can put all these experiences so that in your long hours of intercourse of dull daily life,It soothens your thoughts. 

                                                                            we rent the local horse cart,and set on our journey.First,we went to see some local architectures made by the ancient rulers of Magadha(modern day Bihar).Then we reached ‘viswashanti stupa’.One of the 80 peace pagodas around the world.It is situated in Rajgir,India.A pagoda is type of stupa which provides equality for worship and gathering at one place for a common cause.There are two ways to reach there as it is standing tall at 400 meters.Ropeways and hiking.the ropeways carries one person at a time,as some of the people who are along with us denied to go on ropeways so we started our journey.when we were first walking there was so much energy on our body,and if you visit viswashanti stupa i suggest you to walk by your own as you will miss the splendid scenery of the place either.the last moments when we were about to reach our destination,we were literally panting,and our breaths become heavier.All hardwork of ours paid off when we finally reach the viswashanti stupa.i was so tired when my sister told me to pose,i looked so bizzare.Anyway,visiting the place made me so happy and the winds were so crazy but i so loved it.As it felt like 20 to 40 fans are facing towards us.when we had to leave the place i wanted a make a tent there and live forever.i was telling my sister how i wanna visit the place once again whenever i can.                                                                                                                                                                                 I can’t wait for tomorrow and still don,t want today to go,how sad it is.     









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