This word ‘Feminism’ is so easy for someone to say but so difficult to explain.The world has various theories,various quotes,various memes about feminism.For some people ‘Feminism’ is only about dresses,for some insulting opposite gender,for some giving long lectures about what we should do and shouldn’t,for some a matter of 3 mintue of empowerment when they see some articles about feminism.

What feminism truly stands for and the most important stands for whom?A girl with iPhone on their hand sharing ‘why school sucks’.I am not a great thinker or some lecturer to explain ‘Feminism’,I have seen very little of the world,but as being the youth and the future of my country,I can only explain what It should stand for.

I am going to tell you a story today -A little girl in the ruins of war worn,war torn Syria,after her mother died of felling the whole house upon her,caring for her brothers and she is merely 14. I don’t know her,but it just pains me to see that this child if given the opportunity,She can became anything,but what we are giving her?Bombs,blood,bullets-how beautiful this world is,how nasty we humans are.

I need not to go to abroad for explaining the means of ‘Feminism’,My country has the black marks on her forehead.In some states,giving birth to a girl is sin,it is a shame for me that girl,today,in 21st century still is a caged Bird.I am born into a family of free thinkers but I too have seen stereotypes which makes me sick.The dowry is still living,still we,fear,the gender whom was given birth by our gender.Years gone,some women touching the moon and some watching moon from her cage.

Women’s if they are given chance,giving the education,support and love,They can fly higher than eagle.I am writing this post but I can never save all the women suffering for having the eye to look upon the stars,but I will save women whenever I have the chance if I don’t,I will rush to them in their needs.If all women come together and all the men too,cause men and women complete each other.Think,how we can overcome bigger stroms?If we are worried about our our own cat fights of who is or women.I really don’t want people to label a women’s beauty by calling her bruttene,blondie,brownie,ugly,fat.As well I don’t want men to be bullied cause they like pink,or they love cooking.Both genders should know cooking as neither sexism or feminism can save you when you are hungry.

Women are as enchanting as rainbows,the eyes of the beholder matters as whom will love them,would value them for their true color.Always…

Feminism is not holding a banner,or prove us to be a great person.It is about taking small initiative to help those near you,to stand on your feet so that you can stand by the people who are desperately waiting for a hand,waiting for a smile that you could provide.

‘Feminism’starts with you….


48 thoughts on “Feminism-A trend and beyond.

  1. Neha, this is so meaningful, and the sad truth of both society and the world today. I especially love the last line, “feminism starts with you”. Much love, and thanks for sharing this beautiful, sad, yet necessary post that everyone should take the time to read.

    Aqsa ❤

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  2. I love this…
    And I just want to add a little something of mine…

    “Feminism is not asking to be superior or overlords, it is not saying let men bow down before our is simply saying let a woman have the same equal opportunities with the man beside her.”

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  3. Unfortunately for the majority feminism is about being higher not equal, it’s become a male hate campaign and not a women’s right fight.
    Obviously you acknowledge both men and women in this piece, but sadly your views are not shared by everyone but a smear campaign.

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    1. I am quite aware of the fact that for some people they have that ancient thoughting process rooted deeply into them.and we can’t pull that out of them,but we shouldn’t loose hope,i firmly am a part of that smear campaign,the campaign people laugh at and feel empowered the moment they saw it and forgot the next moment.Aren’t we all are swiming in a cruel,cunning world of jeaolusy?But we aren’t running from our world to a decorated fancy of equal world.Harsh fact is that our world can never be equal, but our courage,our mindset can be.If only we thrive for that.


  4. This is beautifully written. It is certainly one of the important definitions of feminism. Sometimes, I am told I am not feminist enough because my concerns are addressing the health and mental health of underserved communities. There are many other feminists I respect, of all theories and paths, but sometimes everyone forgets that feminism is about lifting up those who have less power/fortune than themselves.

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  5. This post resonates with me a lot, thank you. I often struggle to call myself a feminist, because as much as I agree with the ideology behind it many western world women don’t realise how much priviledge and significantly how much more time they have to ponder these things vs the women and children in third world countries. Many women adopt the feminist label without knowing what it truly means. You bring that true meaning to the forefront again. Thank you. 💙

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  6. Hi Dear, I am writing to you on behalf of my team at O Womania. We are a brand that supports gender equality and are taking baby steps to educate people about moving beyond gender stereotyping.
    I have been personally very fortunate to be educated and an independent woman. I have been a believer in justice and equality since the moment my memory exists.

    I read your article, I am happy that you are finding ways to express your emotions. You have a power of the pen, keep writing and sharing with the world.

    Finally let’s empower more and more women for the world to be a fairer place.

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