we always talk about ‘live your life’,when you scroll through your news feed you can always find that someone shared ‘how to live life to the fullest’.I thought that if there is one person in this world who had done all things,climbed all mountains,breath all the foreign air,Is there really person who hadn’t regret the things they done?who followed all rules,Obeyed society speechlessly.

Young people like us long to be grown up,to become mature,to become independent,to live on their own.Grown ups after returning to home from dreary intercourse of everyday life,saw those bunch of college students soaking raindrops and laughing with no tension or anxiety about future which we even not know we will be alive to see.He longs for a time travel where he could thrown of his tight tie and let his hair loose for a while.He longs for a day just like yours,still you it take so lightly.

We are not happy about where we are,those movie stars,those next door neighbours Iphone,the dress at Gucci summer collection,clicking a pic wearing high heels with makeup stuffed on your face,smile just for the camera,not for the people.with technology improving,we can see each other through Skype,but can we really touch each other’s hearts?.

we materelised our happiness,that’s why nothing could make us truly happy

Lets’s find one moment today to go out,to meditate,to read a book,to paint a picture,to brush your cheeks against soft flower petals and look in the mirror and smile to the person who is always within you standing to embrace the beautiful soul you are.Dance without caring about those judging eyes,or sing though you know it is the worst.

Let’s connect with long lost you, whom you left in the likes of Facebook,likes of those people whom you barely talk in real life.or the hundreds of fellows in your friend list whom those you want to run from, if they enter your life.

One day step by step look into being close to nature,to travel,to really be in a moment without scrolling pictures of Instagram,to really talk with your loved ones and hear their stories of childhood.Let’s not imitate a person who can never really be with us,or gushing over the perfectly sculptured bodies,or the teens who look like 30 being 13.

why I wrote this?My mind is always blabbering and you won’t belive this is a jumble of thoughts I wanted to write down.

It is my journal where I can be who I am,not gorgeous,not talented,not topper,not good girl.

Just a girl with horendious mind,A devil and a angel blended with a thunderstorms of moonbeads 


6 thoughts on “Beyond the perfectionism 

    1. Didi tumi darun bhabe explain korecho,ei thought ta onek din dhorei matha e chilo,kintu express korbo ki kore bujhte parchilam na.Glad I able to do it.So Saraswati puja kemon katlo?ar oi wedding album e tomake literally darun lagche.


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