photo credit=All mine

Now I am laying on my bunk and listening to music,Travelling on train is one of my favourite,As I am travelling with my family ,I have my gorgeous sister with me.We are travelling to Rajgir,India.A short trip of 3 Days.We got into train from Howrah.My hands are so shaking,I could barely write a word.Short journey or long journey,Going to rail station for travelling,the excitement before a trip is so unexplainable.

I wanted to write while I am travelling cause when you sciprt down later,It loses the feeling and excitement you felt that moment.I trully belive that if you don’t feel what you are writing,and if writing doesn’t come from your heart,the reader will not feel the essence of your writing.

So,here I am going to a place I never been,I will try my best to note whatever I see and what I feel the about the place.

Let get lost….

I have no internet connection that’s why I will post it when I reach home.


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