Maa there are so many nights i miss you,this is one of them.It’s so heartaching to think that how life would be if you are here?I miss talking to you,I miss those hands caressing my hairlocks,They say time heal everything,but with every passing years i miss you more.You will never call me again,Your voice is gone forever.I never can understand why god took you away from me so early.I guess i will forever question god for this.I wish maa you could stay with now,right beside me.I sometimes think all this may be a nightmare,When morning will arrive,I will see you once again but i guess my nightmare never really ended.I know maa,I really try to show the world that i am really made of titanium,in reality i still miss you.I can write & write,My teardrops will fall again.In every good & bad moments i always think of you.You never really died,not at least in my heart.Those little memories of you scolding me,smiling,talking to me.All those are now my treasures.This year is going to end,remember when we go to the nearby carnival together.I have really grown up in these years.Somehow a little bit of you is what i am becoming every day.I want to thank you for always made me realize what was important for me.And sorry when i was stubborn.There are so many things i wanna tell you,so i whisper gently to the sky,I know you are listening me.When you were angry or upset with us,You used to say One day when i will go and never come back.I assured myself thinking that where will maa go,she can never go anywhere.

                Love you Maa

It is written long time ago,New posts are coming.Happy blogmas everyone!                                                                  Neha…



26 thoughts on “Maa,I miss you🌹

  1. Baby don’t cry..I know how you feel..I say this because I have felt the same..But I try to overcome such feelings..Just take good things you leant from your mom.I’m not saying stop missing your mom.but try to think more about the love you have now. I’m sure you have lovable family and friends who can support you..take care..

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  2. May god give you the strength in handling the situation where you need the support of mom.I believe carring family and loving friend can fill the vacuum to some extend.cheers and I assure you that word press family will join you in sharing your happiness and worries☺

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