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If this is it.

Baby never come back

The drizzles of rains in my eye

and the heartaches which makes me broken

Let you destroy the hope,than is bruding on my heart

Why everytime after you left

There is a sutbtle kindle in  deep treasures of my mind 

that maybe you gonna come back and hug me

and then for ever and ever we will be alive in eternity

Never come back,If you ever loved me for one moment

I wanna live in the soft winds of our memory path

The storm of reality ruined my life.


20 thoughts on “Never come back

      1. My day is going well thankyou! Been busy taking photographs! How is your day going? It’s quite cold here, I’m sure we have some snow on the way! I live out in the countryside in the north of England πŸ™‚

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      2. They are beautiful. I’ll make sure to put plenty of pictures up for you to see, the countryside here is breathtaking in the winter. Though it is very, very cold! It is lovely here, beautiful scenery. I’m glad Neha! πŸ™‚

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