our lives are so short,and love brings a peace of heaven to everyone,even to the dying one.We pass our day somehow,we have to get through other day.we are not counting the blessings of being alive.Pihu,one of the protaganists,A beautiful hearted,Intellegent girl and the bad boy known by world two following their fates,get admittted to one hospital.Two doctors,Arman who is very succesful in his field and zarah his fellow doctor.These four charachters will lead you through pains,the smallest moment of joy,and How for someone living a little extra day could be so satisfying.Behind the beautiful face and sunshining smile of pihu covers so much sorrow,and somehow her liveliness,her love towards a one who not likes her,She still loves everybody.Her appreciation to the single breath of her made me feel like how i taken my life for granted,always waiting for another day,another weekend to find happiness in the cartbords of expensive menus.Pihu made me realize to living a little more alive.I had blessed with such a life,and still i am focusing on 100 things i shouldn’t.

Dushyant Roy,The boy who had been misterunderstood by everyone.The curtains of the rudeness & Darkness of his behaviour made us hate him but as the story progresses,As every chapter unfolds,You couldn’t help falling in love with this boy who is fighting his inner demons.The boy who had a kind heart,but the world and everyone whom he loved left him.The last page when i realized that you couldn’t judge a person by his appreance or the way he talk.Dushyant made me realize what it is inside is only matters,Look is a deception.

Zarah Mirza,A succesful doctor and an daughter of an army officer.How perfect you could imagine her life,Everybody is dreamed of this success.A women’s heart is a ocean of secrets.She also,like dushyant fighting her own self,blaming herself for a incident which was non of her fault,She hated her father for he blamed her instead for that incident.She cared for dushyant,Maybe a broken person another damaged person.She showed me that one bad incident doesn’t mean life is over,life is beyond those.

Arman kashyap,Genius and from a family of reputed doctors.He had everything,His work was his obsession.Until pihu knocked the gates of his lovable heart.They laughed,they cried,even in the number of days,Their love story stayed forever.Pihu,made him feel what it is like to be in love.Dr.Arman teaches us,If you love a person,Love like there is no tomorrow.Make every day count

On this note i couldn’t get over the last page,Durjoy dutta,You nailed it.

Make your breath count,Be alive,enjoy every bit of sunrays & zephyr.We never know tomorrow may be the last day of our lives.But Make your breath count like it is the last and love a little more.



13 thoughts on “Till the last breath by Durjoy Dutta:My thoughts on it

  1. Truth resonates in every word. Each day ought to be lived is if it is our last. Sounds like a book I would enjoy, may have to put in on my Christmas list! Haha! Keep writing my dear 🙂


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