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The world knew her as calm

But inside her cells 

There is she laying,A glimpse of madness

Her eyes are like the branches of spring flowers,waiting to grow

Beneath her eyelids,A million words are resting 

In the srands of her hairlocks,there are strength lies

Her silent face never lets you know

the galaxies in her feet,and the heaven in her eyes

Beautiful is a lousy and loosy way to describe her

Who is she?

She is every woman who dared to dream,to fly high

She is woman who is within us

Be brave enough to wake her

We all are diamonds

But few women can go through the process of it

and those who goes

They see her within the veins of body 

Mingling through souls 

This women are one of a kind.



55 thoughts on “Her

  1. she has many folds some time she drenched you with love as a lover, while nurture you like mother, protecting and fighting for you as a sister, while holds your hands as a life partner…. she protects and nourish your tree..she is soft, she is rough, she is not only a girl,, Lakshmi she is incarnation of goddess Lakshmi some time Maa Durga…truely you have magic in ur words..to arrest the attention of the reader …keep writing amazing

    Liked by 1 person

      1. ok…we will start with tree?…its like a duet songs…i write a stanza and you write another stanza..then we merge it and post on our blogs…got it?

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