Today i am young!So many oppartunites are knocking at my door and there are so many distractions are also.I don’t know that what my doing is right decision or not.I see on today’s world that there is one thing that we need to make sure,that people on social media likes me or not.Lately we have been so depend on social media,It makes me sick sometimes.That’s why i wanna quit social media for now.I know social media nor niall horan(Popstar i adore)will not bring me anywhere in my life.I am studying on my favourite subject,doing my under grad on it.I am not leaving social media,just wanna fill my thoughts with something more than facebook posts and whatsapp group chats.i really wana read some good books and focus on my study.It’s getting hard to keep up with my blog.Belive me guys,I love all of you very much,and try to read all of your posts as much as i can.pardon me if i am not able to read all of your posts.I am not going to quit,This site helped me to know who i am.I am quiting social media for my future.

what’s your opinion about it?I really wanna hear it.I really want your support

Till then

Take care


I am not quitting wordpress


59 thoughts on “Quiting social media

  1. Neha it just that yaar k you also have to take sheduled timings of these things and none of these things can also affect your career that was more important and enough you are minded person dear so you better understand ….. πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

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  2. Rather than watching our experience and talking advice ita your life too take yourself involve too what you think about these things the best decision is ours with honest advice of ourself what is worth write and wrong

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  3. shouldnt quit..Blogging is a great way to connect with people that share the same interest as you! Consider it your hobby..your passion..and not something that takes you away from studying..or doing things in everyday isnt a 9 to 5 job..its something that you like doing and makess you happy..maybe that will help.. good luck! (check us out if you can) β™‘

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    1. Thank you so much,reading your opinion i realized it that i have to be more organized and everything will solve then.Btw your blog is private as i can see,so accept my request so that i can go through your blog


      1. I didn’t get the second sentence, anyways I purposely made a rude statement…….and I hope you know why…..I remember you had just posted few days back about asking people to follow you on Facebook and insta….. And then just after few days, you talking like as if there is some kind of burden over your……it’s this fair ?
        Quitting social media is your title, can I ask you something, during exams, do you quit eating, sleep, bathing, shitting, etc etc, I hope the answer would be no, so then now why are you getting excited and giving me a rude reply….


      2. I am not the one giving you the rude reply!!Steve this is who i am,sometimes really explainable and sometimes not.My blog is like my diary,Sometimes i feel like like top of the world and sometimes doesn’t.I said in the nicest way that your comment is rude.Really!You guys are like my second family,this blog my home.I have seen many things i shouldn’t want to see.I have doubts,worries like every teenager have.I am 18,And like every human need to write their worries,Thoughts somewhere,I write it here.Steve you have been really supportive and i am thankful to you for supporting my blog.But purposely making a rude comment,I didn’t thought you would be like that.I hope you are well,Take care.


      3. what is all this? Your bio data with your age… think I’m rude? Especially to someone whom I like with all the flaws in you…..I think you should read my comments again before getting

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      4. I know what you wanna say,but steve i am like this.I was so confused between social media & studies,And this post is my thought and i write whatever i feel from my heart.And this is really i wanna say.Bye

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      5. True you are like what you say, quit or do anything, but for now, I quit, coz no use even if I try to strengthen your decision of handling things in a normal way, then to make a big blog out of it, Bye…..


  4. I would suggest you, to manage time for social media rather than quitting, you can just avoid FB or insta for a short period(few hrs to a day) if there’s anything very important. Ignoring the cons you can focus on the positive points as well. πŸ™‚

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  5. Anything will become a distraction if you allow that. Be your own master. Quitting is not a solution if you ask me. Just take this as a phase to learn prioritizing. It is a very important lesson if you are aiming high. Use social media for your wellness. Don’t allow it to take over your thoughts and time.

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    1. Thank you!!I know it is not enough,I thought of quitting it.But now i understood because of you and my wordpress family,I will continue to write and restrict my time with social media.So,not going anywhere,i guess.Take care & thanks for supporting.


  6. I am not going to say that it would be an easy choice, but it’s a good one. I do understand you relating social media with the time it consumes, Like many people above have said, managing would be good option. But we all know how hard letting go off social media is. Frankly, if I wanted to quit social media and if I use it for even one second, I would want to look more and more and more. I hope I am making sense. So, if you want to quit FB, Twitter and likewise or want to maintain a schedule, do it religiously, without extending the time allotted for them.

    Having said that, I wouldn’t prefer you putting brakes on blogging(writing). It is soft of your journal, a way to pen the things that bother you. So, write whenever you can, read (the posts of others bloggers) whenever you can. There is no pressure. Just do it at your own convenience. πŸ™‚

    P.S. What is this Steve’s problem?

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      1. I am glad I made some sense. Thanks πŸ™‚
        Me? Nice and sensible? I wish to be, but get to know me and you will definitely change your opinion. πŸ˜› (Just saying)

        I guess it is better to ignore such people than to fuel their baseless opinions.


      1. i can mesage u easily my frnd. But those thoughts have been flown in the air and lost in this Universe. Any how the main theme of my messge was that u should just continue ur WordPress blog and stop other social media if that u feel not informative.
        Focus on ur life goals and do ur best effort to achieve them. When u will be achiever then u can make ur own social life and a lot of things u can do yaar.
        Aur yara never ever worried about those peoples who try to demotivate u.
        Further WordPress is a good plate form for freedom of speach. Say what u want or feel.
        U have a beautiful thoughtful mind as much i read ur some posts.

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      1. today am frazzled – my blogging & social media is my classroom – hard to fit in ‘real life’ too, especially as this is a holiday weekend. am grateful for it all πŸ™‚

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  7. I appreciate u …and i also do this since january ..
    I felt that we remained busy in social media and not able to analyse more or observe more thoughts ..
    Now i m apart from fb, wtsp, insta …
    i have much time to analyse & observe more with my fresh mind & soul ..bcz these things dont make us fresh ..
    I really happy for u πŸ™‚

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