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The seconds are running beneath your fingertips

How i wanna go to the roadtrip

Or  write a novel

How i wanna go cliff diving

But this will happen sometime

Focus on the hundred problems,when you will responsible?

Living in a world where Everybody breaths toxic air

Toxic people with forced heartbeats

Be like those people,those people who will go to graveyard with money on their mouth

Within nanoseconds,You will be turn into ashes

No body will remember you

Let them think you are reckless!!

You are mad

but aren’t we all the dreamers?

But no body should tell you 

what to do with every second of yours

only you have the chance to count and live every tiny seconds

why just exisist?

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  1. Steve says:


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  2. Great Post!

    Hugz, Miss B.💋

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    1. neha98blog says:

      Thanks miss b.You are a nice person

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  3. idiotchamp says:

    Very well written and expressed 🙂 you are gifted trust mr

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    1. neha98blog says:

      I am so glad to hear your response,you know how many likes on my page matter little to me.The love and support i got from you guys is everything.Your geniune support touched my heart.Always will be the first to reach your posts.Till then,Take care.

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      1. idiotchamp says:

        Truly we writers don’t want like we just want people to read our article and need their support and encouragement

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      2. neha98blog says:

        keep writing.Forgot to ask,where you from and what’s your name.Love to know.

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      3. idiotchamp says:

        Hey my name is Diwakar and I am from Jharkhand currently in third year of my graduation

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      4. neha98blog says:

        Not too far away!!Hey! I am from kolkata,currently in first year.

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      5. idiotchamp says:

        Good to hear that neha

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      6. idiotchamp says:


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      7. idiotchamp says:

        Neha is your real name? ???

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      8. neha98blog says:

        It’s my nick name,Everyone in my family calls by this name

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      9. idiotchamp says:

        Oh good so what’s your real name? ???

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      10. idiotchamp says:

        Nice name if I am not wrong it’s meaning is intelligent


      11. neha98blog says:

        The truth i ask everyone in my family,what sayani means.Thanks so much to tell my name’s meaning.

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      12. idiotchamp says:

        Well i am not sure i can be wrong 😉

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      13. idiotchamp says:

        What about you? ??


  4. idiotchamp says:



  5. alexraphael says:

    One of my favourite quotes is from Oscar Wilde. I mentioned it on my blog a while back. “The hardest thing to do is live. Most people exist, that is all.”


  6. missbhukkad says:

    Love your writing girl

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