with a journal i started my journey

after you

With the kajal that smuged upon my eyes

with the endless nights where sky was my only companion

i was broken,and though  hundred times i fix my face

but still the teardrops make their way again

with your love,I am on a new journey

to find myself 

I was a calm waterdrop when you meet me

but when you left

The flame inside me turned into a storm

you thought this girl will always be weak,fragile

You once pushed me

now watch me Rise!

Long time,no post.How are you all?Hope you all are well.Take care all of you


47 thoughts on “Rise..

      1. You won’t i know,Can you give me your opinion on my other posts(Seriously please don’t think me as selfish,i geniunlly love your blog,I just wanna know your thoughts on it,)


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