On the eve of my 18 th birthday,There are some wishes i want to become true

•I wanted to know what is my true destination is

•Always be more kinder than necessary 

•I wanna settle in london or Paris.

•Become an inpendent women

•Enrich my soul with education

•Help the people who need me 

•Open my new website named ‘Shivani'(My mom’s name)

                        And be happy of who you are and always remember how bad situation is or how unexpected life become,Remember that this 18 year old me is proud of her imperfections,Because that made her diffirent,Uniqueness is as powerful as fire,Embrace it.

You have the ability to build your own skyline,Paint it with your love & affection.Marriage will happen when you want to,keep yourself on this stage that nobody could not able to make your life’s choices.you are a gypsy soul,who is within you craving to travel the places in the world & Be a part of people’s lifes and breath the air of new places.                          In this lifetime if you do mistakes forgive yourself because life is too short too dwell on the regrets of past,You cannot change a thing you have done,so let it go

One day you will have everything you dreamt of but with every acheviments,always put a piece of home tucked in your heart.                                                 hatred,jealousy there will always be people who waste their lives on this.People criticise for the things that are your external features.Don’t change yourself because you have to match someone else’s fake beauty standards.But never hold grudes against them,It will poison your heart.Just wish them best with their lives

Don’t get upset because You never meet 1d,You get to witness their beautiful voices,not all wishes come true

Always care for the ones who stayed with your illness,your happiness,when they are old.Don’t get frustated with their behaviour.Remember that they are the ones who taught you to walk on your feet & on depending on their shoulders you little body  become so stronger today.So,when their body became weaker,hold them little closser to your arms and make their pain go away with love and warmness of your heart.Cause,your loved one never stays forever with you,cherise every moment as when they will be gone,you will beg for one moment also.

You may not acheived every high you have visioned of,Don’t get disheartened.Keep trying and spread sunshine and sprinkle to wherever you go.You have a family who trusted with your every decision,A fathet who loves her lil girl,A brother who belives in me.you have so much good things in your life.Don’t forgot to share your happiness with the one who need your love.

You are young now,Do what you wanna do.

You will always be the gone girl.

                                             All the love,Neha

                                                   11th nov,2016

Long post indeed,Missed you all so much.Just busy with studies this days.I want to write something memorable to me,So i write this.Tell me whay your thoughts about it.


87 thoughts on “My 18 year old self’s letter to my older self on my birthday

      1. You know alex(I really wanna talk to someone today,I hope i can talk anything with you)The journey is so long,sometimes some situation tell me i will not able to fulfill my dream,but this big appreciation,some positive words do magic.Thanks alex for that


  1. A unique post indeed!!☺👍 loved it. Belated Happy Birthday dear! Hoping to see your dream come true and your Mom’s website on the internet(very few people have a dream dedicated to their Parents and I really salute you for that)!!☺👍All The Very Best!

    Liked by 1 person

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