I literally cried when i saw this,You guys are the most special person,love you so much all of you.I remember the day when i was my only follower,I was giving up,I thought that i am not good enough.I stopped writing for a while,then my elder brother suggested(my dada)that you should continue what you love,No matter who reads it,people will know you,love you.But you have to try for it,give your all to it.Truly,when i first started this blog,I had 0 expectation from me.But i tried,You never know a thing will turn good or bad,unless you  try it.

Thanks to every single one of you 

You all are my strenghth.

 I hope this is just a beautiful begining for us.


85 thoughts on “It is just a dream, someone pinch me?

  1. Neha…..looks nice to see your innocence when it comes to thanking these 1000 people or asking people to follow you on Instagram or Facebook…… You are still that lovely little girl, who sees the world so beautiful……There is so much ahead in life…….negative, but positive and everything……that you need to take care ☺☺☺

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      1. Presently I don’t Neha because I’m off all social media except blogging. The reason is because I’m studying an intense language course so I don’t have time left for socials apps, and I have an exam this coming Thursday, but as soon as I start up again. You will be amongst the first to know. Would love to connect.

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      2. Thank you Neha, sorry Neha, the only socials we do run are business related, an organic business we run Simply-pure.org.uk. You’re mister welcome to connect via them but I don’t run them alone, so they’re not private accounts.

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