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you are a gem

whenever the cruel world

tries to break me apart

you are my shining galaxy

a leaning shoulder

Of how many tears

dried in my cheeks

I know

you always gonna be there

to bury my sorrows in your hugs

you are my books

in which i know my healing lay 

you are my songs

which quitely sing the words

which have been in my heart

long before i exisist

you are everything

that i  need

you are everything

that i never able to explain



45 thoughts on “To the one i love

      1. I never fell in love for real utkrash and i think i will spend my life waiting for a love story that doesn’t exisists,that’s why i love popstars,because i have no one to love in real life.

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      2. You are popstar thats also have thier own story but it wasnt be relvieled thatswhy you can say that but i think that its fine to be wait for and create a story like never been before and a good person is accept with all your imperfections and perfection they will not show your weak side but your soul too

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