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I always try not to hold grudges,or not to be angry.I don’t know but anger,jealousy,never seemed right to me.As for in my life,with in my difficult times there are people who hurted me,who backstabbed me,When i was truly fighting with my self.I just try to let go of anything that hurted me and be a warm,geniune light to everyone’s life.I always have been the person who feel everything deeply,which is good and dangerous at the same time.I cry reading poetries, see dreams in writings,I have always been finded my relif in writing.I never told anything to those people,who always saw my kindness as sign of weakness.I just focused on the better things in life.Today i thanked my self that despite of being weak and fraigle,I worked hard,and every tear of yours one day will turn into gold.Those who ever hated me,I never hated them,I just belive despite of everything that people are really good on their hearts.I just wish them that despite of cursing others,They should have known that our life is very short to hate someone,Forgive them.There must be something in their lives,they must have fighting their own demons,there is much negetivity in their life.Forgive them and trust me it will make you kinder and more lovable in life.

Hello!!Missed you all so much.I have been busy with studies lately,but i am happy to get back to my family,my big wordpress family

I love you all the most

Take care you all



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