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Stars and warm blanket

blue eyes and scented candles

of all the things i have been dreaming 

to do with you

Ruined mascara and soaked pillows


He was only yours

in your dreams.


Since i have been gone for days,I thought this would best to treat with several posts.


30 thoughts on “Dreams…

      1. Word have enormous power. It can make you laugh, smile, cry, mad. the vital thing which bring them to life is emotion and this is what you have. we all are not perfect and there is nothing called perfect. there is always a chance of improvement over improvement. who knows some day you may become a noted author. after all who see the tomorrow?

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  1. Neha you are imagining things beautifully.That is the key to write good poems.i was getting a feeling i am running out of ideas.That is why today i wrote a thamk you all post.sorry 🙂

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    1. Try dear..Just close your eyes on night and think about your life,the happiness you feel,and the pain that change your life,you will not write poetry,your heart will paint words and they will turn into poetry.Try & never give up.You are capable of everything.


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