I may not find you earlier

you may be far away from me

looking at the same sky,wishing upon the vast universe

Atleast the sky makes us together

It’s funny to think 

Today i have no idea who you are 

But one day we are gonna be together

Side by side,hand by hand

Together forever just how nicholas sparks describes love

but for now be assured that i will be yours and you will be mine

One day

Wipe your tears,Just let go of the person that tear you apart in the guise of love

we know we are a little bruised,we both care about our loved persons too much

some people just don’t know that crying is not weakness,We cry because we loved them more than they deserve

know that,I will love you one day  fro. your hazel eye to  your curly locks,from your very weaknesses to your shining days

We will make this life a beautiful adventure

where every moment will make you feel like 

Sometimes letting go of someone is the best decision

you make place for a better person

Dear my future lover

You are worth of wait i know

Love you till eternal rays of sunshine

Don’t miss me that much

 Maybe I will bump into you when you are least expecting me 

One day…


42 thoughts on “One day

      1. Pahale Study Phir Blog,
        Zindagi mein Yunhi Hard-Work Kar Aage Badhein Yahi Dua hai.
        Aap Achche Insaan Hain Is Karan Aapko Sabhi Achche Dikhte Hain?’Agara Humari Aankhein Khubsurat Hain To Humein Dikhai Bhi Khubsurat hi Deta Hai”
        Always Stay Happy Neha ji.
        Kabhi Hindi Mein Zarur Kuch Likhiyega Intzaar Rahega.
        Take Care.

        Liked by 1 person

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