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My heart just longs for your return,Everyone celebrating valentines day today.I am  here drinking your favourite capuccinno sitting beside the window.I am trying my hardest to focus on the deadlines i need to complete before i am half dead with tiredness.But nothing seem to keep away me from the fact that how amazing today would have been if you are there to hold me closer to my heart when those laptop screens take away the life out of my eyes,I know with sleepy eyes,You will still tell me how beautiful i looks,I would look upon to your brown gaze and then probably smile about the fact that how imperfect i look somehow and you always find facinating in my tiring gaze.How hardly i am trying to not miss you,but in the trying every single air just blew my mind and directly flies to you in New york.I know you would still forgot your dinner while catching up with your friends,and when you will be finally home.Too late,you would heat up noodles and eat it half look to your phones Display and looking at my face in it would break your heart and even on a diffirent timezone,the tear fall excactly the same time when we look upon the sky,atleast even thought there are thousand miles between us but i know We are gonna wish upon the same star today,hoping we are there to see the shooting star today,with you everyday is a valentine,without you my skylane is dark.


25 thoughts on “This distance…

  1. Neha what i comment please don’t take it that seriously ok?.maybe people can start love after marriage also right?
    maybe god has planned a lovely guy from kolkata itself,who knows?


  2. Sayani even though you said it is imaginary i got a feeling you are worried because you didn’t have a distant boyfriend.i was just telling you might get a boy friend from your place or can marry from your place etc.distant boyfriend also possible since you are a very good looking young girl 🙂

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