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From childhood i have always heard if you are not going to study?What will happen in future.We spent our life thinking that future is like heaven,where everything will be good,Where we will have no probelms,no worries,we stake our times in the name of future.We spent our days imagining future like a nostalagia,we are going to escape all this one day and the day will be awesome.Do you ever realize that within this short peroid of our lives,we waste our living in the dreams of future or drowning in the mistakes of our pasts.There are very few people who actually live in the present,not in the regerts of past nor  in the worries of tomorrow,They live in the waves of today,and we should also.The daily routine,career pressure,love life problems.Take a deep breath and just tell me the name of the persons you love the most……Done?Now tell me how it takes yourself to tell your name.So much crowded and noisy out there,We all just forgot to love ourselves,the beautiful life god gave us,Take 10 mintue tomorrow out of your life,and give it to your self not to internet,Take a journal and write about all the things you experienced today,the good thing and the bad thing,we all are a little broken inside,if you needed to cry,let your heart speak sometimes,we can’t always be strong,whenever something hurts you rather than showing your anger on someone,write your pain on papers,you will feel better. one year after when you will open your journal,today’s problem which you are facing today will look so irrevelent tomorrow,make memories,and for future. Do what you wanna do,Whatever you will meant to do, will find their way.Just Don’t give up,I am saying to me as well to all of you.

I love to hear all of your thoughts on it and if anything you wanna say me,comment freely 

Love you all so much.


43 thoughts on “Random thoughts #1

      1. I only follow blogs which I really like to read..I am following only 15 to 20 blogs because I really love their content and I do not expect follow back in return.. Yours is one of them..Your posts are somehow related to my life as well.Like your one of the post about school..I really can relate myself to your posts..

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      2. I am so happy reading your comment,It made me feel like i am doing something right,when somebody loves what you write,it is the best feeling.Your every word is so touching,thank you for always being there for me.

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  1. Great post. Sometimes we are so focused on the future or the mistakes/memories of the past we do not live in the present. We never stop and smell the roses. I’m guilty of thinking so much about the future that I never really seem to enjoy myself in the moment. Example of trying to take the perfect picture at a tourist site but neglecting the time to really enjoy the moment.

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