I never told you how much i love you.After maa’s death you are always there for me.When my board exams were going you cooked food for me and feed me,You never let me wash the dishes whenever i am ill or anytime.You know i am very emotional like mom,You neved told me that i cry too much or stop behaving like that,I remember when i was very tensed for exams,You kissed on my forhead and tell that everything is going to be okay.Whenever the day comes my result is going to be out,Even after if i got little low marks,you would always cheer me up.Sorry!If i make you dissapointed sometimes.I have done things in my life,I do mistakes everyday,Thank you for loving me so much,I promise someday i will make you,I am so lucky that i got someone like you who loves me inspite of all my imperfections.I know you have lost your father in a very early age,You have worked so hard to get wherever you are today.You never had the chance to study more,Do your masters,I heard you saying that,I am so lucky.I may not have lots of things in my life,I have a life,Have food when i am hungry,A house to live,Education which helps me to grow my mind.To be honest,You never made feel like maa is gone,I know how much you love me and please pardon me if sometimes i behave like a jerk.I may not be a example of perfect girl but you are my perfect papa,My first love.                                                               your daughter Neha


48 thoughts on “My papa..my first love

      1. Oh OK……this is what happens Neha……. People when they write something for their parents….. Most of them are not on that site or whatever , still they post….. And the world reads it….. But the one who is addressed has no idea about it…..Anyways πŸ™‚

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  1. Your father can’t be your First love.. He is the “love”. And there is no alternative or second option to that..You may say this to a thing or a person because they will come and go..They might stop loving someday..A dad won’t..His love is way beyond this..He is loving you even before you were born and he didn’t know,you’re going to be an intelligent or a lazy person..It doesn’t matter to a Dad.. I am sorry if I have said anything wrong..And thank you for the post.I never say, but I love my mom and dad more than anything else..

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  2. This is very touching and brought a smile to my face. I lost my Dad a month ago, and was feeling sad today. After reading this, I feel my heart is at ease a bit. Happy to hear you have a great relationship with your father!

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    1. I lost my mom 4 years ago,So i know how it feels.Everyday you miss them more.But keep them in your heart,And then you will realize he has never left you.You will find him in the smallest things,and make him proud,Whenever you will miss him too much,Just remember the happy moments you shared with him,remember that god give you his angel as your father and you have the previllage to know him all this times,As long as you kept him in your heart,He will never be truly gone.

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  3. Read about your love for PAPA, loved it and so commented liked and followed, and i consider this as a good budding friendship, stay blessed and keep inspiring with your writings.

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    1. Hello! Nice to meet you.Thank you for giving your precious time to my posts.I just red your post,loved it.It is So good.I would love to be your friend.I would always support and love you.Keep on writing,and don’t think about followers,when you will do what you love to do,everything will fall into right place,one day.I

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