All the family members of our family got together,and we did so  much fun.                Here are some pictures how we enjoyed ashtomi…


Maa Durga…


pictures from saptami..

Dada(Elder brother) and me

Sweta di and me,whenever i am with her,I feel the happiest.

Eggrolls in Durga puja..yum(My brothers took 3 mintues to finish it..talentedπŸ˜‚)

A selfie is must..The day was most happiest day of all..wish Durga puja stayed a little longer.


64 thoughts on “Ashtonishing Astomi

      1. Saucha nahin Jo Khayal Aaya Dil Mein Likh Diya,Waise Hi…
        Rahi Baat Support ki Kuch Aisa Khaas Nahin.
        Humari Shayari Pasand Hai Shukriya.
        Ishwar se yahi Dua Hain Aap Khush Rahein Aur Apni Har Manchahi Manzil Hasil Karein Nehaji.

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    1. This is Durga puja,It is also known as Navaratri in Gujrat.Durga puja is widely celebrated in every place of India and in foreign also.It is the festival where we celebrate women power,Maa Durga who ends the evil power and welcomes the good power.and If you ever come to India,come to Kolkata during puja,My words and pics can do little justice to how vast and beautiful Durga puja here is.

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  1. You are an incarnation of Durga
    your red is the power
    shows victory
    your black and mysterious eye
    manifest a lot
    and in the auspicious occasion of
    you became Goddess Lakshmi..

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