The festival we all bengali’s are waiting for whole year,is here.I am so happy that my soul wants to dance in full madness.Today I,my elder brother and would be brother in law went together for pandal hopping.All year we hoping to enjoy ourselves for this four days,we meet with our old friends,family members who are in abroad,Come together with the help of maa durga,The goddess.If you ever want to visit kolkata,come in puja,the lights,the food,the people everything will make you feel like happiness and only happiness in on the air you breath.I can’t describe in words how happy i am,I know soon maa durga will be gone,Whenever we are happy the time slipped by like a sand on our hand.Looking at those fairy lights on the streets of kolkata,Eating spicy phucka with tears poping out of our eyes,Maa durga stay a little longer.I am so happy that I cannot sleep.Maa Durga,I know i am a big mess,Not smart or the prettiest of all but my true happiness is when i look into your eyes,and i wonder how magnificiantly devastatingly beautiful a women can be,Maa durga you are a symbol of women power,a women is a delicate and kind mother but whenever needed she is the Murti(Statue) of strengh and she ends all the evil powers and mostly a women is an enigma of diffirent goddess’s.Here are the pictures of how we enjoyed in saptami,The seventh day of Durga puja…

Maa Durga…

sweta di and me(Half meπŸ˜‚)
we are born mad.. and we know that

we in puja pandal…sweating badly        


Time for giving a rest to our food craving…yumπŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹                                             Fun,Food,Bengali,This saptami i really don’t want it to end,The day was beautiful and magical as Every durga puja I feel divine with the ambience of maa durga….


40 thoughts on “swinging with fun in saptami…

      1. Offcou Neha…… I know it’s not just Indian, every body is beautiful……but then I commented coz usually I see beautiful women and voices from Bengal…..and if I like your beauty, it’s nothing to do with Bengal or India…..

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      2. Hmm inside and outside….. I don’t think so….don’t worry…..I’m not the kind, where it is like I like to hear what I want to, but not what you want to say….. Anyways thanks πŸ™‚

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  1. πŸ˜› it is namskaram for namathe in malayalam,
    what is your name-ninte peru enthanu.
    if i could hear how you read this maybe i caould have laughed πŸ™‚
    In bengali?

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  2. Durga Puja is the best thing about being a bengali … the crowd those 4 days , pandal to pandal , whole night walk , anjali , kolakuli everything just makes u happens more when u are out of Bengal and come at the time… very nice experience shared neha … if you have time you can go over my little write-up on kolkata ,

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