Chetan Bhagat,I have been your massive fan since i red Five point someone.So I know Your book always gonna surprise me in a way i never thought i would.Radhika Mehra,The women who lives within every women,I have laughed when her mini me popps out in the most bizzarest situation ever,I shed tears when she lost her first love & New york,and how she thought that there was something wrong with her,But you make a point so effortlessly,A women want to fly and also want to have a nest,I loved that she doesn’t go back to the past who destroyed her and made her belive that love was never for her,and A succesful story doesn’t mean it should have a happy ending most bollywood movies like,The girl running to the boy and what after, living happily ever after,Though it ended but i love how you signalled that begining of a new life doesn’t mean it envolves a guy,it envolves the moment you decide to take charge your life,And most importantly hear the voice of your own heart.One Indian girl,We all are a huge giantic piece of mess,We all do mistakes You are not defective or too successful for a man,You have the ability to shape your life,Whatever the hell you want.Right man will love you the way you are,will not try to change you because you earn more money than him or someone who just think you like a financial deal.Someone who accepts you are not perfect but they love you anyway,”Let the wings fly high upon the sky,never look back darling it distractes from the past”-It is just a begining of something wonderful..My gosh i just want to read the book once again.Are you sure there isn’t a mini women inside you?


11 thoughts on “One Indian girl..The book i fell in love with..

  1. As much hype as a new Chetan Bhagat book brings to Indian readers, the more I don’t understand why. However reading reviews and what people have to say about this book, IT SEEMS like this is not his average kind of book – something I’ll only know after I have read it.

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