pic credit=Me in Kashmir,India(2012)I thought my followers should know who i am,So enough pinterest pictures!

What a happiness mean to an 17 year old girl?Boyband addiction? Desepearate to be in a realtionship? The wish to be look slim like that model?or spending lots of money faking yourself?                                                   No! Happiness means sitting beside window when the cold wind touches the lock of hair and play with it,Happiness means sharing your food with the homeless child who’s eyes shine with happiness to see the food,Happiness is smell of the coffee after a long day,Happiness is the smell of new books,Happiness is papa’s love,Happiness is writing,Happiness is making weird faces looking at the mirror(I love it),Happiness is taking to my wordpress family(You rock my world everyday),Happiness is lost in the smell of new books,Happiness is Durga puja,Happiness is making cakes in christmas,Happiness is recording memories in your inner mind rather than camera,Afterall how many times we look at the clips?Happiness is nothing but everything we feel in every moment,Try to make every small moment precious because who knows there will be any tommorrow?


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