Biggest stars on this planet,500 million girls want you in their life,Prettier and a lot more sensible than me.Not all 17 years old are the same Niall horan,I do not stalk you or tweet you 24 hours or dance at your concerts.I am the one who can’t control her smile seeing you on my moblie screen,I am the one who shed tears everytime she hears your voice.I am the one who hopes to see your crystal clear blue eyes for once in a lifetime.But the spaces between us is too much,I am miles away from where you live.I do not know the popstar niall,You are always the kind of person i love,you are the one who loves food,bites nail when he is nervous and sometimes laugh a little loud.I know people always discuss about how perfect your hair locks or how hot you are looking on those branded dresses.But for me,I love the you i don’t know nothing about,but my heart belives that you are the kind of man every girls deserves to have,caring,emotional and who loves life.You may be thinking how can i love you,I don’t know nothing about you?People love the person who stays on their neighbourhood,the best friend who is your life,the boy whom every girl on the highschool crushing  but the known persons also become the reasons of wet pillows and many unfinished poems.So let me love you with my eyes closed,Just like a beautiful dream,In my heart I know you will never be mine or i will ever met you.But I wish that you will always stay happy and full of life.and love you….


12 thoughts on “Dear Niall…

    1. you just write my feeling as a girl,I will may forgot to be honest and smile at the fact that how obssesd i was back then,But for now I know he is Just a infactuation,Idk the real niall


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