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Sitting infront of the window,watching the rain slowly touching my skin,The smell of coffee just reminds me of some boxed memories.I see a girl,not so pretty,not so intellegent running through the school hallway,she joins group of girls,the teachers say how they are proud of her,The laughs,badmintons on winter days,Tiffin sharing,Talking about your crushes.I may have left school but you can always find a part of me in the hallway,or the last benches with  our names written on it,or the corridor where we play hide and seek together,The moments are so precious,T oday i just crave for that kind of smile which spreads your eyes and the real happiness,the inside jokes,We singing together in empty classes.I miss my school and the mostly the friends who are trully my therapist,sometimes my laughter dose,When i was taking the last step,I never knew i could miss the me i was back then so much.I maybe forgot them with the waves of new people and new memories,But i know when someday my heart is heavy,and when am trying so hard to smile but the tears are blurring my vision, i am gonna wish those days hadn’t gone by so fast….because you all were the best thing ever happened to me,And those memories of us I will cherise till the day i close my eyes……


27 thoughts on “My school…💝💝💝

  1. क्या बात है नेहा जी बहुत खूब,यारों संग मस्ती और बीते दिनों की यादें!!

    ‘ पुरानी यादों संग जेना मुश्किल होता,
    यारों को भुलाना भी तो बड़ा मुश्किल होता.!
    कहे’सागर’इसी लिए जियो जी भर के,
    गुज़ारा ज़माना वापिस लाना मुश्किल होता.!! ‘

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