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Sitting in an another country                                in an another city                                        Watching at your own reflection on mirror,All those tears,Heartbreak,dissapointment,betryal,bullying,Now it all faded.The time you dobuted yourself,the time you thought how i wish i was that pretty  or i had body like her,You look upto your own face and how you thanked yourself that you never give up,Hard times seems like too long,those people who teased you for being imperfect,are now fighting their own lies.you enjoying a life that you created,fighted for,nobody give you nothing.Future me,I hope you have that courage to fulfill every unparelled imagination & dreams into  beautiful sunshine.I know some people gonna leave you on your journey but i hope you don’t hold up to that people,You should let them go and embrace who is still in your life and care for them and love them more fiercely.who knows that they will always be part of our tomorrow? Maybe you earn much money,I hope your heart is still kind like it was,Help people,spend time with those who need love in their life and i know it’s not possible to always stay with your family,but never forgot those people’s who care for you when you were weak and fraigle.Maybe you are not pretty like you used to be,but always be kinder than necessary,that is more beautiful than being pretty.And my dear future lover,Today we are sitting in diffirent house,diffirent city maybe,You don’t have any idea who i am but i know that you are one i am gonna love for the rest of my lives,i will cherise every moment we are gonna share together.B ut for now i am always gonna pray for your well being,One day we will meet and that would be beyond every thing i ever imagined.And last thing,Be proud of who you are,Embrace your imperfectness…..


29 thoughts on “Letters to my future self

    1. Thank you!!! The great thing about this blog is i get to talk to so many diffirent people from diffirent countries and my dream is to travel the world and meet diffirent people,to taste diffirent food.I am so glad to meet you,loads of love to you.

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