3 years,Long time.sometimes i wish i could go back to 2012,I just want to hug you once again,tell you that i miss you so much.I miss your hands,whenever i was ill,you always hold me close even if it causes you ill also.Maa,I wish i could turn back time,It never feels like you have died,i feel like you have gone to somewhere,one day you will come back to me.I have so much to say to you Maa,I have admitted to college,I am studying english honours,I have stared to take care of myself,maa now i can carry sarries well also.I often think of you Maa how wonderful can our tomorrows have been.There are million times i needed you,million times i wanted your care,Million times i thought that why i never got the chance to say the last goodbye.12:07 am,3 years later you still very much missed.


49 thoughts on “Dear Maa

    1. I followed since the moment you followed me,I always belive in supporting & loving people,I was feeling so low today,Thanks for your comment,It just made my day better,sometimes i won’t able to comment on your blog,be assured that i read your blog everyday,You are doing a great job with your blog and i trully appreciate that.Lots of love to you,Sayani.

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      1. Duniyan Mein Kisi Ki Mom Aisi Na Hogi Jo Apne Bachchon Se Pyaar Na Karti Hogi,Phir Chahe Wo Humari Hon Aapki Ya Kisi Aur Ki?Maan To Maan Hai Na?
        If U Want To See Or Know What is Love…
        There Is No Choice After Mother.
        Neha ji.

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    1. I am completely fine now.you are so caring sherin and thank you for being so kind.I was just taking a bit rest and my body was very weak due to the fever,That’s why i was invisible,but now i am back.


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