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People often try to change their appreances to look good,lip surgeries etc.How can i think that in this world,True beauty gets appreciated?Teenage girls look up to another teenage girl who look good using lip surgeries,It is absouletly her life,But she is  famous person,she is a inspirtion to many teenage girl,her lipkits are pretty famous.She can’t handle the flaws, That’s hurts me to see.Flaws in our life are really important,because those made us special,diffirent than everyone.I may not have the best body,or the prettiest face but i know that there is no one like me,That’s my power.The more i look in today’s world,What is really true beauty for you.For me,It was never the twitter hashtags #Freethenipples or kim kardashion showing off her breasts,or lip surgeries. For me,It is something that soothens your heart,to realize that you are little broken,thousand flaws within me,but i am not ashamed of it.True beauty is finding good in everybody,to love and care,to heal the broken hearts,to laugh,to sing,to chasing after a dream that you dreamt of,True beauty is not changing your body so the world can love you,We are not forever young,we all gonna have wrikenls and grey hair one day.But in heart we can be really beautiful.To the womens i love in my life,They are not prettiest of all,but their heart is like raw gold.pure and lovely.I love them because the beauty of their hearts.Customized beauty will fade,but the true beauty will remain,forever and ever….


18 thoughts on “True beauty πŸ’πŸ’

  1. each and every word of blog speaks by itself and that is truth and inner beauty which is far more important than outer beauty…..which people have lost nowadays…there are behind the outer appearance….

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  2. This is beautiful and it mirrors your own beauty. You can not purchase this kind of beauty. It is not sold in a store. You can be rich, poor or indifferent, but beauty is an essence that can’t be bottle up nor sprayed on. Thank you for letting me witness your beauty. Now live the beautiful life and have a wonderful day. Smile smile smile and then laugh some…

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