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Its 12:03 am at night,I have to wake up 5:00 am for college,Still I am here letting my heart do the talking.I have always been the emotional girl,I am not actually an angry person.Whenever anybody shouts at me,I couldn’t hold back my tears.I have seen people lost mind in anger,Throws things,Holding grudges for ages.For me,I hardly shout at anyone,I don’t belive in shouting and screaming top of my lungs on anger.I don’t belive in hating someone,Even if i got a fight with my brother,I hardly can be angry with him for 5 mintues.Many people think that being emotional is sign of a weak heart,That is not actually the truth,I think i don’t really belive people are  who they are when they are in captivation of anger.People are really good in their hearts,We often think why this person is so emotional,why he is so angry,There is a reason behind it.Maybe,Some incident makes them behave like that,All they needs a lityle bit care and love,That’s all.My momma got a really soft & tender heart,she loved people,life everything.My heart is like hers,and i am so grateful to have a sign of mamma in my heart.I know Mamma sometimes when Dad & Elder brother gets into argumemts,I wished you are here with me,I got really scared when people shout in front me,I have tried numerous time to become harder,emotionless but Mamma I couldn’t control my tears while typing this,Wish you were here!I am emotional but I am strong.And i am so proud to say you give me strength,Give me support Momma i can make everyone proud one day,Miss you a lot that yesterday,More than tomorrow and forever.I am not afraid to say I am emotional,Because emotional people love more fiercly and deeply.


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