Today is so beautiful weather,ma told me to bring water from the roadside tap call.In mountains,the fresh water is really a tough thing to get.Though I brought my umbrella with me but those gigantic whole in my umbrella doesn’t help me to keep myself dry.I closed the umbrella and feel the rain touching my face,the pretichor my fav smell in the earth.I took off my sandal and I touched the newly showered plants.I have a unknowing love towards trees and plants since childhood.I live in  countryside alluring and unparalleled beautiful village called ‘Elora’.I reached home,Ma is making some yummy paratha with mango pickle.She is so angry to see me fully wet.I am little scared to go in front of her.She asked ‘Again,Rishona!You know you have the childhood habit of catching cold whenever you get wet in rain,oh!what I am going to do with you beta,change your cloths quickly’.I ran towards room,then I see my papa sitting in the bed,reading poems,i forgot about my wet dress,I literally jump over the bed and started to read the poem along with papa.Though I am only daughter but the love they gave me love that i feel blessed about..


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