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From the winter evening,to the warm hand,From the first kiss to the last hug,Running wild in the roads, sleeping under warm blankets looking over the night sky,when my hair fall silently on your face,when we both knew we were madly in love with each other.I loved every inch of you,from the gap between your teeths to your stupid faces.Times fly,As most people insult love in the name of break up,I know it is forever a bond between our hearts which cannot be broken.Though i never show the world i still love you,but you were my first love,the reason i felt butterflies on my stomach,the reason i understand how to love people.You gave me pain,sleepless nights but I cannot hate you because my love is more stronger than my hate.I just wish sometimes i could turn back time and go to the autumm days,I just fall in love with you again.I know after husbands,kids,family,there will be a part of me which will always love you ,care for you.wherever you are my first love,love you more than tommorrow and wish you a good life ahead.


30 thoughts on “To someone i used to know πŸπŸ

  1. This touched me deeply. I still love my first love to this day. It is hard for me to admit. Although, I knew we weren’t meant to stay together my heart wont let go. I tell myself as time goes on i will feel differently, but I dont. I have yet to love another the way I love him and I am not sure I will. When I said I loved him I meant it, my heart choose him. I feel like a piece of me is out there in the world. I have moved on in life, but not in love. Connections like that are rare.The thought of him loving another upsets me, but I much rather see him happy even if its not with me. Just, because we didnt work out doesnt make us bad people. All those years summed up into one big memory. It is forever strange to me how life works out!

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