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How can I be a normal girl?                                  I wish for a life beyond my imagination,I get hurt,i never fear death,I never feared of getting lost .The only thing I feared is to live a normal,simple life.If I die young,I will be happy.I fear of a normal life where I die at 25,and not buried until 73.I fear of not seeing the unknown waterfall within the jungle of Amazon.I fear of not discovering the cafe in the streets of Paris,yes I scare,I scare of a Normal life.I hate boundaries,I want to be boundless and infinite.I want to dive into the crystal clear water at Mallorca.I don’t wanna be a normal girl,I am a fire,a wildfire.A little bit of heaven with a wild side.I wish to stop breathing when ever I start to live a normal life.The world normal is haunted word for people like us.We born for a extraordinary life,we are mad people’s,we are ones that doesn’t fit in boxes.We are the ones that drown in the thought’s of own mind.we are clumsy,messy also.we do what we wanna do,We don’t know what our choice gonna affect our life.But it is OK to do it than regret.I want to tell you guys ‘YOU ARE NOT A NORMAL PERSON,YOU ARE A RARE GEM,SHOW THE WORLD,YOU ARE A CREATION OF WONDER’.Remember this line always….


129 thoughts on “The gone girl…

  1. Yeah……. Our thoughts relate… This is definitely like me….. Reading this post make to want to try another poem… I will send you a link if i can complete.. Have you heard the song ‘let it go’?

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    1. Thank you for your comment Annie.And of course let it go is the song that featured on Disney movie Frozen and it is sang by Demi Lovato.I love the song.Thabk you once again for visiting my blog.

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      1. I don’t know if I could express my feelings well or this is what you want to say…… I just wrote
        I am a girl.
        I am not normal and I don’t want to be
        They say I am crazy and it is true
        I want to dream and make my dreams true
        I want to be free, boundless and light.
        I want to travel and walk with my head held high.
        I want to wear pants and play in the sun.
        I want to do what I want to do.
        I want to talk loud so that people can listen.
        I want to be a friend and not a burden.
        I want to live not as a submissive but as a partner
        I want to walk alone in the dark, fearless.
        Is it wrong to not be normal?

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  2. Hey,

    I’m new to blogging world, and after reading your post i think im at right place.. i felt so positive after reading your post.
    Thank you very much for your post ..keep it up..


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    1. Hello and welcome to wordpress.I am also new into blogging,excited to read your blog.And yes i will be very happy if you read my other blogs and tell your opinion about my blog.


  3. “die at 25 buried at 73,” these words resonate with me. I love how you use words like “we,”so that the reader connects with you. I live an unorthodox lifestyle, sometimes I feel very much alone, but this piece made me feel like not being normal is more common than we think and we are not alone. What is normal anyway? Conforming to societies beliefs or to other people’s expectations? Some of the greatest minds throughout history weren’t “normal,” individuality is a concepts not everyone can understand. Death after 25 is common these days, its like the zombie apocalypse caught in a cycle of wake up, work, pay bills, go to bed, & repeat. That is a slow death. I look forward to reading more. I am also new to wordpress so when you find time please take a look at my work, there is only a few as of now, but I appreciate all feedback! Thank you.

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    1. When i first started there was hardly any followers,Sometimes i thought that i am not made for this blogging thing,But i love it so i continued it.I love it when i meet new people,got to know their life,their thoughts throughout their blog,I am definetly following you and it does not matter who reads your blog or not,I will always support you & be the one to comment first on your blog.You are amazing & i appreciate you for who you are.I am blessed to meet a person like you.All the love from India,Sayani.

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      1. Thank you so much! this just made my day…a huge smile came over my face. I appreciate you so much and I look forward to your blogs as well. Upon starting this page I had no expectations, i didn’t know what to expect. I love to connect with people and share different insights. Even know that we are talking it is a beautiful thing and wouldn’t have been impossible without this. – Avec tout mon coeur (with all of my heart) Steph


    1. I really appreciate that,And I am gonna follow you and excited to read your posts,Hope you read my other posts,And tell me how you think about it.Best of luck for your blog!! Lots of love,Sayani


  4. I started writing blog recently, after thinking a lot about starting to write. Was not sure whether someone could really connect with my thoughts. After reading your blog I feel so happy that I am not the only black sheep in the herd. Wow Neha. I am glad that I stumbled upon your blog!!

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    1. It is one of beshtest thing to meet people like you through my blog.Welcome to wordpress,and I am gonna follow you from now on.I am gonna always support you,Keep writing.I will glad if you read my other posts & tell me your thoughts.Lots of love & huggs from India.What is your name? Where you from?I will love to know.X,Sayani


    1. You got it girl!!! Be afraid,Be scared but never quit,Just go wherever you wanna go because every inch of your body is yours,No can have the ability to decide your future,Not even the stars.Your future is within your footsteps,Take small steps everyday and you are gonna reach the destination one day.Have a good day,Sayani.


      1. Green, very sunny in summer, lots of green hills. Because were such a small country, we don’t really have to many big problems. In the small parts of the country like the little towns, it can be very… free in a way.

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  5. I really like how you said you don’t want to die at 25 and not be buried until 73. As I sit and look at some people lives that is exactly what I see. Something I fear for my own life and I feel happening sometimes. I’m going to print that and hang it on my wall somewhere. Thanks for sharing

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    1. Thank you so much…this comment literally brightned my day…and I have visited your blog and really liked what you write,keep writing,and you are an awesome person and lots of love to u.


      1. It’s my pleasure,I was reading your blog posts today,and i tell you,you are an amazing author,because your writings touched my heart directly and i am also a teenager like you,where you from love?Keep writing and fly high girl !! Take care.

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      2. I am from more greener part of kolkata,You really have to visit cal again,This time i am gonna be your guide,and we will taste some yummy foods here.And when i will be in australia,I need you to be my guide.

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