• We are in 21st century,Facebook,Instragram,Twitter this things literally control our lives,our behavior also.As a teenager,few years ago I had a craze of opening my Facebook account(when I was not able to access the internet)but now I think social media has taken a control of our minds,our activities.Few months when our internet was not working,I understand I was being frustrated,i was angry and suddenly I had nothing to do(I was.on vacation).I forget my writing,my hobbies which I like to do on my free time.But on internet I was spending my time on something which had nothing to do with my life or my dream.For one moment,I feel worthless.I questioned myself ‘Is really my happiness depends on some posts in social media?’.I was watching some posts of my favorite blogger,and some people commented’Oh!Your life is so perfect and etc.people wear a mask on social media,they tried to show people that their life is oh so perfect.Don’t compare your 1st chapter to someone else’s 15th chapter.I am not saying that it is easy for you,it is also aplicable for me,to left social media is hard,It is like a addiction.I am saying limit your timing of using social media.Try to focus on the things you love,try out something new,don’t let smartphone ruin your moments,selfie’s are not the only way you can remember a moment.Take out your camera,make a scrapbook,Talk to your siblings,talk to friends face to face not in WhatsApp.Live the real happiness,get to know the real you.Now just take a break from your long-term committed boyfriend/Girlfriend named social media.There is more life than be friends with a strange person on Facebook,or looking,commenting,thinking about a celebrity who don’t know your existence also.just feel the air,touch the rose and rub your cheek on it.Dance without reason,laugh without permission.Look at your real self,not the edited picture of you on internet.It’s time to live in the moment,face your imperfection…..Should I have to tell…. start a real relationship with your self not a relationship with social media.(picture credit=Pinterest)

30 thoughts on “We all are in a committed relationship with this…Though I am single.

    1. You are lucky to born in that time.Social media,mostly selfies,post updates derail us from our dreams.some people spend their whole day doing things they think they do important things but those are useless.I think using social media in your favor can be blessing for all for us.

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      1. This is so true about selfies and stuff, people looking at a view more through a phone than their own eyes seems to be the norm. I mean I take photos yes but I still put my phone away to take it all in?

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  1. We all should live in the moment,unless looking where did I get the light so my selfie looks good,i have to post this on Facebook,i think my camera and scrapbook keep memories in a way they can’t die,phone can die but this things live forever.


  2. This was all so true. I feel like social media has taken over all my interests and planning skills. I used to be obsessed with making little notes in my calendar, getting excited whenever somebody called me and I could talk to them, happy because I finally was old enough to stay out longer with my friends… but it has all changed so much now. I get anxious whener I have to make a call and actually use my voice to get my point across instead of just texting the person. My life revolves around my phone now. Those little notes I loved making- are now in my damn calendar app.
    What really messes with my mind is that… it is called social media- when in reality there is nothing social about it. People don’t even talk to each other anymore for longer than 10 minutes. We should all focus more on our own social groups and friends insteaf of joining a group on the internet that likes the same thing as you yourself do. The odds of us meeting the people we meet online are slim to none.
    Holy balooga whale this post has really made me think more about my life choices…..

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    1. Thank you sweet heart,I was so happy to read your comment.I also suffered social media infection like you,This is the reason I wrote this post.I am actually eager to read your review on love peace happiness palette.Love you Emily,You are amazing person.


      1. I tell you my secret wish is to travel the world(Actually whole world).Thinking of booking a ticket to Estonia,Wish I can,but I promise I will visit Estonia sure one day.you will have to tell me some must visit places.


      2. To be honest,I am not so good in English,my first language is not English,I am from Kolkata,India.Emily I have 4 or 5 people following,but followers actual doesn’t matter to me .Hitler’s had million followers,but Jesus had only 12.Your comment actually matters the most,You support me so much.we both are new at blogging so I will try to help you as much as possible.I don’t know you but I feel we can be friends,long distance friends.


      3. That actually is the nicest thing I have heard all day. English isn’t my first language either, but it is my favourite language because it is so universal. And tbh your english is actually really good! I was quite hesitant to check out your blog at first, but I am so glad I did

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  3. I am also glad that I followed you because you speak your heart out and I love that.we are not great writers but our stories,our ideas can be best told by us.I was not hesitant,I decided to follow as soon as I read your blog,I thought that I will be really happy to read your stories.


  4. Holds so true for the new generation…. I feel the same about the whole social media madness. Coz even when I’m out for dinner I can just see everyone busy on their phones then actually enjoying the company of the person in front of them. I miss the 90s when it wasn’t this bad.

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