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I am not so lucky about friends in my life.Unlike everyone,I do not have best friend in my life.It is OK.True friends,The topic I will discuss today is friends.My all friends are girls,because I was studied in a girl’s school,So I always missed the feeling of having a boy as my friend.After momma’s death,I truly able to see some real faces of some of my friends.I tell you in detail what happened,It was Monday the day after my mom passed away.I was controlling my emotions,That time I was very emotional.I went to my English tuition,Every one of my friend’s guardian standing there looking at me with a surprise look on their face,I know they were expecting me to sit in my home,drowning in the sorrow,I was sad but I can’t be a weak person.So I never cried in front of anyone expect me.I was quite unregular for some weeks in my tuitions,Some friends who are now  my ex-friends gave  some very cruel and unmeaningful definition about mom’s death.Girls love to gossip,something they feel very entertained about.The most hurtful thing I ever heard was ‘They never saw a tear in my eyes,They said I never loved my mom.Have they been when I cried after seeing my mom alive in my dream laughing talking to me and when I was awake to find her,A sudden stroke reminds me she is gone.To all that friends who backstabbed behind my back when my hair was messy,or my lip is big, you were so weak than me.You will always find persons who will laugh at you because you are different,I smiled back thinking that they are all the same.They laugh at my imperfections,when they are already given up in their life.The truth is I never said a word or argued with those friends.I spent time to improve myself,to be more strong and brave.I always thanked God because  of those fake friend’s reality check,I got some real good friends.I will not refer them as my best,let time decide if they are best or just good friends.For those who have sisters,you are so lucky!sisters are the bestest friends in the world.They know every inches of us,Thank god!for creating sisters.I learned that Everyone is not your friend,just because they hang around and laugh with you doesn’t mean they are your friend,people pretend well.Real situation’s expose fake people’s.So pay attention.Love yourself and those who care about you endlessly.Fake people come and go,but who over loves you will take your blessing and pain without hesitation….without even a blink of eye.


13 thoughts on “Who are real friends?

  1. thank you for visiting my blog. I just read this post and as you I don’t have a lot of best friends. My only one who I did love like a sister died in a car accident in 1982. I lost part of my heart with her dead. I promise to read the other post, but at this moment I’m finishing packing. Tomorrow Friday I will be flying to Arizona with my grandkids. Take care!

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    1. You are such a sweet person.I promise you to read your every blog,I am so blessed to receive your support and love.And Happy journey!!😃.Take care.Loads of love to you.


    2. I know the feeling when you lost someone who is so close to your heart.Your best friend might be an angel in paradise now.The good people in life always left us too early,but they are always alive in our heart, their memories are eternal to us.


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